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Cross-The World Roof Car to Explore the New Tibet Road
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    I have been told by may friends that the New Tibet Road follows the Chuan-Tibet Road and Qing-Tibet Road to enter Tibet,which is the hardest in the world. It is the third access road. The work on this road was started March 1956. It was open to traffic on 6th October 1957.
    The New Tibet road is from Ye Cheng, which is in Sinkiang on the north, gets to Gadake (Gaer) which is in Ali area on the west, and extends to Pulan town, which is in the border area on the south.
    On the way there you get through Xianankou, Dahongliu beach, Rituzong and Gaerkunsa, stride over the Lasitang River, Yeerqiang River, Kakakashen River, Shiquan River and so on. Get across Jieshandaban (the Daban is Weiyu Language, it means mountain pass), which is 5406-meter above sea level and Kudaenbu mountain pass, which is 5432-meter above sea level between Sinkiang and Tibet and is about 11 years old.
    The desert, whose edge you can't see, and the mountains with snow all year round almost the whole route. You can't see signs of human inhabitants in hundreds of kilometers in some sections of the highway. Now in the Tibet Ali area, the New Tibet road gets the majority of goods and passenger transportation.
    Get to Nanjiang to Urumchi to meet Lanxin railway. From Ye Cheng which in Sinkiang get on the New Tibet road to Lhasa, its whole lenght is 2841 kilometers, the average elevation is the king in the whole road. 
    When you enter to the Ali area, there is no one in there and no gas stations, so the local driver will fill up more gasoline tanks, the traffic and communication are quite inconvenient. You may need at least half a month on the way. There are very beautiful views, when you cross the unpopulated areas, sometimes you can't see one soul, only just there you may have a chance to see the gang Tibetan wild donkey, yellow sheep and other wild animals. It is a very spectacular scenary. On the way you can visit the Kala Kunlun Mountain which has a very variable weather; the Guge kingdom site which was in fashion for some time, God Mountain---Gangrenhoqi, Holy Lake---Mapangyongcuo, the cradle of the yellow sect of the Tibetan religion---Salia Temple and Choede which is a different sect.
    The following route is only our suggestion. You can consult with the driver for a better idea on everyday's route and settle time of the sights.

D1: Lhasa---Yazuoyong Lake---Jiangzi (Holy Lake, Karuola Glacier, Choede one hundred thousand Stupa. Stay: rest house
D2: Jiangzi---Shigatse (visit Tashi Lunpo, stay Shenkang Hotel or another Hotel)
D3: Shigatse---Dingri (Stay: Bianjianzhan Hotel)
D4: Dingri---Zhufeng Peak---Mountaineering base camp (visit Rongbu Temple, watch the sunrise and sunset in Zhufeng Peak. Stay: Rongbu rest house)
D5: Zhufeng Peak---Old Dingri (Stay: rest house)
D6: Old Dingri---Peigucuo---Saga (on the way visit glacier, yaks. Stay: Saga government rest house)
D7: Saga---Zhongba---Payang (on the way to visit hungriness, the grassland view of a pasturing area. Stay: rest house)
D8: Paiyang---Holy Lake Mapangyouncuo (you can have bath in the bank of Holy Lake, camp in the bank of Holy Lake)
D9: Holy Lake Mapangyongcuo---Pulan---Kejia---pulan (view and admire the Pulan Tangga International market, Xianboling site, Kejia Temple, Peacock dynasty cavern. Stay: Pulan armed forces ministry rest house)
D10: Pulan---Ghost Lake Langcuo---God Mountain Gangrenhoqi (Stay: Ganrenboqi Hotel)
D11/12: God Mountain Gangrenboqi (you can practically evaluate the climate to decide whether to walk the God Mountain or not)
D13: God Mountain---Namujia---Zada town. (Stay: Zada armed forces ministry rest house or another Hotel)
D14: Zhada (visit Toling Temple, Guge Kingdom site. Stay: Zhada rest house)
D15: Zhada---Shiquan River (have a rest in your room, and prepare for the trip)
D16: Zhada---Shiquan River (have a good rest in your room and have dinner, prepare for Sinkiang)
D17: Shiquan---Bangongcuo---Duoma (visit beautiful sights of Bangongcuo, Stay Duoma army of the services or rest house)
D18: Duoma---Jieshandaban---Dahongliu Beach. Stay: Hongliu beach army of the services
D19: Daohongliu Beach---Maza---Ye Cheng. (Across over several Daban which are famous in New Tibet road, climb on the Kulun Mountain chain.)
D20: Ye Cheng---Yingjisa-Kashen (on the way to the visit see attractive Sinkiang sights, and full-bodied folk flirtatious expressions, taste all kinds of melons and fruits; you can buy Yingjisa knife which it is very famous, and eat the whole baked sheep)

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