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Cross-The World Roof Car to Explore the New Tibet Road
  this tour about Lhasa 

    I have been told by may friends that the New Tibet Road follows the Chuan-Tibet Road and Qing-Tibet Road to enter Tibet,which is the hardest in the world. It is the t...  

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      Cross-The World Roof Car to Explore the New Tibet Road ( Release at 2008-5-21)


        I have been told by may friends that the New Tibet Road follows the Chuan-Tibet Road and Qing-Tibet Road to enter Tibet,which is the hardest in the world. It is the t...

      Discover the Nile treasures ( Release at 2007-11-29)

        ( 02 nights Cairo + 01 night sleeping train + 03 nights Nile cruise Aswan / Luxor + 01 night Hurghada )

    1st day :
    Cairo : meet & assist , Transfer to hotel , overnight .

      Southwest Guangxi: The good, the bad and the beautiful ( Release at 2007-11-21)


        This story is not part of The Trip series. It is based on a previous trip to Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.



      Tibetan Plateau Adventure ( Release at 2006-8-2)

    First day of the New Year, somewhere half way up the Tibetan Plateau, Ribo Village, Shangmeng County. I am accompanying a ...

      Changqing Pandas ( Release at 2006-8-2)


    A film documentary crew came to Changqing National Nature Reserve with the hope of filming pandas during the mating season. The previous week a panda tracker had photographed pandas mating, up a tr...

      Cycling Chengdu (The Du) ( Release at 2006-8-2)


    We arrived in Chengdu from Lhasa in good spirits. Checked into the Loft Hostel and were pleased to find comfort and modern facilities available. After tucking into some great western food in the ad...

      Lhasa at New Year ( Release at 2006-8-2)


    Prepare to be stunned if you choose to travel to Tibet for their New Year's celebrations. In, 2006 it fell on the same days as Chinese New Year and made for one hell of a show. Pi...

      Mt Emei Teddybears ( Release at 2006-8-2)


    Mt. Emei is only a short trip south of Chengdu by bus. We first took a side trip to see the giant Buddha at Leshan and was rather impressed by the size of the rock carving. Its an extortionate fee ...

      Alice in Hua Shan ( Release at 2006-8-2)


    Hua Shan is only a short trip out of Xi'an and a highly recommended journey, if for example you are awaiting Tibet permits. It's quite an adventure to get out there as no one can be sure when the b...

      My Fuli Story: South-West China ( Release at 2005-11-22)


     Yangshuo is the legendary back-packer hangout an hour south of Guilin on the Li River. I joined my friend Glyn, a local whom I'd met on a previous visit to China, and&am...

      Lucy Corne's footstep in Yanghuo and Guilin ( Release at 2005-11-22)


       Against all odds, the missing guidebook turned up and we went happily on our way to Guilin, not quite believing our luck. For some reason, Gu...

      Welcome to Shelton China Travel ( Release at 2005-11-22)


      Escorted holiday tours with the personal touch

      For 20 years, Shelton China Travel has been running sight-seeing holidays as well as ...

      From Shanghai to Guilin ( Release at 2005-11-22)


      So I arrive in Shanghai, and I'm still a little colded out, and missing the dear old bint. And Shanghai doesnae have much to offer, I tell ya. It's just a big, BIG city. And whe...

      Trip to Yan An ( Release at 2005-11-8)


    The city of Yan'an is so well known in China that when its name is mentioned, people think of nothing else except it's special position in China's history of revolution. For thirteen yea...

      Discover Guangxi by Bicycle ( Release at 2004-10-25)


    The first part of an article on a bicycle trip with Backroads from Guangzhou to Wuzhou to Guilin in southern Chin...

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