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The latest Information of Rapido tickets:
departure-arrival departure station departure station departure time price
Nanning-Shenzhen  Nanning Bus Station  Shenzhen Nantou Bus Station  230 
Nanning-Guilin  Nanning Langdong Bus Station    80 
Nanning-Liuzhou  Nanning Langdong Bus Station  Liuzhou Bus Station  50 
Nanning-Beihai  Nanning Langdong Bus Station  Beihai Bus Station  50 
Nanning-Guiping  Nanning Langdong Bus Station  Guiping Bus Station  50 
Guilin-Liuzhou  Guilin Main Bus Station  Yufeng Mountain Bus Station  40 
Lijiang-Kunming  Lijiang Tourism Bus Station  Provincial Tourism Bus Station  151 
Dali-Kunming  Xiaguan Changshan Hotel  Provincial Bus Station  103 
Kunming-Lijiang  Provincial Tourism Bus Station  Lijiang Tourism Bus Station  151 
Wuzhou-Guilin  Wuzhou Hexi Bus Station  Guilin Main Bus Station  90 
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