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    Hotel List:
      [ GuangXi] Paradise Yangshuo Resort   ( last updated 2005-7-1)

      Paradise Yangshuo Resort is less than two hours' drive from the airport and one hour from the railway station.
        Paradise Yangshuo Resort in the scenic town of Yangshuo is a perfect choice for bot...

      [ GuangXi] Imperial City Hotel Guilin   ( last updated 2005-7-1)

      Imperial City Hotel Guilin is located in the world famous West Street in Yangshuo and is between the Double Moon Stream and the Green Lotus Hill. It is about 80km from the nearest airport.

      [ GuangXi] Universal Guilin Hotel   ( last updated 2005-7-1)

      Universal Guilin Hotel is located in the city center, set along side of the famous Li River.
        Universal Guilin Hotel offers budget minded travellers an interesting accommodation choice when visit...

      [ GuangXi] Sheraton Hotel Guilin   ( last updated 2005-7-1)

      Sheraton Hotel Guilin is 35 km from the airport, 2 km from the railway station and within walking distance to Elephant Trunk Hill, Li River and Fubo Hill.
        Sheraton Hotel Guilin on the banks of t...

      [ GuangXi] Royal Garden Hotel Guilin   ( last updated 2005-7-1)

      Royal Garden Hotel Guilin is located directly on the east bank of the tranquil Lijiang River opposite the famous Fubo Mountain and Piled-Silk Hill and is 32 km from Guilin's international airport and ...

      [ GuangXi] Gui Shan Hotel   ( last updated 2005-7-1)

      Gui Shan Hotel is located just 2 km from the centre of town and is a mere 14 km from the airport and 3 km from the railway station and only 12 km from the port making it very centrally located indeed....

      [ GuangXi] Lijiang Waterfall Hotel   ( last updated 2005-7-1)

      Lijiang Waterfall Hotel is located in the downtown area of Guilin City, only 3 km from Guilin Railway Station and 25 km from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport.
        Lijiang Waterfall Hotel offe...

      [ GuangXi] Guilin Plaza Hotel   ( last updated 2005-7-1)

      Guilin Plaza Hotel is located in the heart of the city, just 1km or a five minute walk from the town center. The hotel is 30 km from the airport (40 minutes by car) and 1km from the railway station (a...

      [ SiChuan] Quanxing Grand Hotel   ( last updated 2005-5-20)

      The hotel has 164 rooms, with prices ranging from 350 yuan and 500 yuan for a single room per day, 398 yuan and 580 yuan for a standard room per day, 500 yuan and 1,180 yuan for a suite per day.


      [ SiChuan] Sichuan Hotel   ( last updated 2005-5-20)

      Number of Rooms: 160 (set)

    Cuisine: The hotel can offer local delicacies in Sichuan and Cantonese flavors, along with foods featured by areas of the Minjiang River and the principal-hall bar. And v...

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