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      [ GuangXi] Liuzhou Jiaotong Hotel   ( last updated 2004-12-23)

      Jiaotong Hotel is a three-star hotel of business,meeting and travel foreign affairs or nationals.Jiao tong hotel is located at No.3 wenbi road of Liuzhou city.It'sbelongs to Guangxi Liuzhou RuiTong Au...

      [ GuangXi] Jindu  Hotel   ( last updated 2004-12-13)

      It is three-star hotel integrating guest room,meals,entertainment,commercial affairs and fitness. It has a building aea of over 22000 square metres and 16 floors,it is only one hundred metres away fro...

      [ GuangXi] Liuzhou Grand Hotel   ( last updated 2004-12-13)

      Liuzhou Grand Hotel is situated in the busy commercail of Liuzhou City. It borders liuzhou Bridge on the south,cultural square on the north,Liuzongyuan Park with a long history on the east.Much like a...

      [ GuangXi] Long Sam Hotel   ( last updated 2004-12-13)

      Long Sam Hotel,which is invested and managed according to over three-star standard by Liuzhou Long Sam Entertainment,Catering&Real Estate Developing international Group,USA,is located in beautiful San...

      [ GuangXi] Liuzhou Hotel   ( last updated 2004-12-13)

      It is the large-scaled four-star foreign-related garden hotel with over 40 history, located in the downtown area, close to the bank of Liujiang River, covers an area over 60000 squaremetres, it has qu...

      [ GuangXi] Zhongjiao Grand Hotel   ( last updated 2004-12-13)

      Seated at No.1 North Jiefang Rd, Zhongjiao Hotel is in businese downtown of Liuzhou and public transportation services are very concenient.
      Hotel guest rooms are decorated on star. It has luxurious...

      [ GuangXi] Liuzhou Nanjiang Hotel   ( last updated 2004-12-13)

      It is located 200 metres in front of Liuzhou Railway Station, covers area of 24889 square metres,is a large scaled three-star tour hotel in Liuzhou.
    In recent years, the hotel has unique decoration,...

      [ GuangXi] Lijing Hotel   ( last updated 2004-12-13)

      Tender and sentimental as home,Lijing is a four-star hotel of Business, Meeting and Travel concering foreign affairs. Sincere and warm-hearted staff requests the pleasure of your company and creates t...

      [ GuangXi] Yan'an Grand Hotel   ( last updated 2004-12-13)

      Liuzhou Service Corporation Yan'an Grand Hotel is located in the middle of Fei'e Road with busy commerce and trade in Liuzhou,15 floors high of main building, 24000 aquare metres of business area,it i...

      [ GuangXi] Zhongshan Grand Hotel   ( last updated 2004-12-13)


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