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JinXiu Shentang Mountain 2D

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Operating Company: Go China Adventure International Travel Service Co. Ltd
Tour Operator: Huang Jiandong     

Start in:  Laibin
Terminal at:  Laibin
Adult Price from:
Group Persons:   Min(2)

Duration: 2 Days 1Nights
Service Grade:  Stnadard
Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
Transportation: bus
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Itinerary & Activities
   Day1: Laibin--Jinxiu
  Pick up the tourist group at Lai Bin, take ride by bus to Jin Xiu, visit the Jin Xiu Yao National Museum and acquire some knowledge about Yao minority rural folk custom. Have a leisure stroll in Jin Xiu Market, you can buy some special local products such as Southern Ginseng(local people call it "Jiao Gu Lan") and "Ling Xiang Chao" at reasonable price with our guider's help. At night, visit dream village and enjoy the ethnic performance with song dance by local people. And then see some Yao people unique skills: swallow a pair of chopsticks, walking on the fire, step on the plowshare and so on(it depend on the open time). Accommodation at Jin Xiu County.

   Day2: Jinxiu--Shengtang Mountian
  In the early morning take a pleasant ride by bus to the Shang Tang Mountain which is called "Taoyuan" fairyland (about 2 hours), setting foot on the grassland which look like a natural carpet, and see the sun rising with the Yao folk song singing by our Yao girls, overlook thousands of peaks standing in the fog and cloud. Then have a vivid view of sceneries such as strange rock hanging in the air, "Shita Qianchen"(stone towers tier upon tier), "Jushun Chuankong"(a peak looks like a bamboo shoot), "Shouxing Zhuo"(sitting god of longevity), "Yuannv Panfu"(a spoony girls missing her lover)and "Tianran Shenbian". After lunch, on the way back, have a close look at the "Gushu Bao Pingan" (a ancient pinaster which is more than 500 years old, it means old pinaster sending good wishes) and "She Wu Shong"(a pinaster looks like a large snake), then enjoy the immaculacy of the "Hanxiao Hua"(a kind flower) in remote mountains, all these acclaim as the peak of perfection. In the afternoon come back to Lan Bin, see off, finish the happy tour.


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