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Hezhou Gupo Mountain National Forest Park 1D

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Operating Company: Go China Adventure International Travel Service Co. Ltd
Tour Operator: Huang Jiandong     

Start in:  Hezhou
Terminal at:  Hezhou
Adult Price from:
Group Persons:   Min(2)

Duration: 1 Days Nights
Service Grade:  Stnadard
Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel
Transportation: bus
Inquiries About It

Itinerary & Activities
   Day1: Hezhou--Gupo Mountian National forest Park
  After breakfast go to Gupo Mountian National forest Park, en route enjoy the scene of "Huang Tian", then visit the "Xian Gu Waterfall", great lawn, Xian Gu Temple, lover forest, lover lake, Meiyuan village, then have a pleasant view of the Fang Jia Tea Garden and the Jiu Pu Xiang Wine Factory(the exterior base of the Hong Kong teleplay: "Jiu Shi Gu Xiang Chun" and "Cha Shi Gu Xiang Nong"), after lunch, see off.

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  Inquiry Answers(Questions and answers about the tour ):
* Elvina Quek at 2008-1-26 Refer:

I will like to plan for a 3 days private tour in Guangxi.

11 Feb Mon HeZhou (Arrive at 2pm)

12 Feb Tue HeZhou, Yangshou (Liu San Jie Show)

13 Feb Wed YangShou, Guilin Airport -> Hong Kong

1. 姑婆山国家森林公囿玉石枿贺州温泉
2. 黄姚古镇
3. 客家围屋
4. 阳朔,游银子岩,沿途观赏十里画廊:月亮山、高田风光、电影《刘三姐》拍摄地—大榕树,晚上欣赏由张艺谋任总导演的大型桂林山水实景演出—《印象刘三姐》。接着逛风情万种、充满异国情调的西街,品咖啡、尝阳朔美食啤酒鱼(自理? 5. 贺街,浮屿City
6. 富川古城

No. of Persons: 4
Stay: 4 Star Hotel

     Reply (2008-1-28 0:34:14):
    Dear Elvina,

Thank you for your kind letter.

We have arranged the rout and give you our quotation.Please check and see your email in the morning.


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best regards!

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