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Longshen Folk Custom & Longji Terrace 2D

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Operating Company: Go China Adventure International Travel Service Co. Ltd
Tour Operator: Sonia     

Start in:  Guilin
Terminal at:  Guilin
Adult Price from:
Group Persons:   Min(2)
Guaranteed Departure:  Anytime on Requested

Duration: 2 Days 1Nights
Service Grade:  Luxury
Accommodation: Star Hotel
Transportation: coach
Inquiries About It

Itinerary & Activities
   Day1: Longji Terrace
  Depart from Nanning to Longsheng by coach in the morning. Upon arrival,visit the exotic Longji Terraces,which has the fame of "The champion of the terraces in the world". Some of the terraces look like great chains, other look like ribbons. They wind from the foot to the top of the hill. The smaller ones are like snail and the bigger ones like towers. There are layers on layers of terraces, high and low. The outline is very smooth. Then go to the Jin Zhuang Village, which is appraised as the exemplary village of Beizhuang. Visit Moyi Totem,House Projecting over the Water, and appreciate the primal ancient houses of Beizhuang minority, which are well kept now. At noon, you will enjoy a lunch in the Zhuang village restaurant, which is terific Zhuang minority's flavor, and taste the wine made in Longji, which are famous as " Magic Water in the Orient". In the afternoon visit the Huangluo Hong Yao village,which has the reputation of " the Longest Hair Villige in the World", with a visit to the Hong Yao tribe, taste the Yao's pearl oil-tea, and enjoy the performance of "doing up long hair" by the Yao's women, you can also singing and dancing with them. And then have a comfortable bath in Hot Spring of Longsheng,which is famous as "the fairyland in the world". Accommodation at the Hot Spring Scenic Spot.

   Day2: Yinshui Dong Village
  Visit the suspension bridge in the Longsheng Forest Park and Yinshui Dong Village in the morning. Enjoy Dong's performance of folk songs and dance. Listen to Dong's folk songs with long history of thousands of years, which are praised as "the rhythm of god" ; admire the Fengyu (Wind and Rain) Bridge,one of the four famous ancient bridge in China. Back to Guilin city after lunch.


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* Katrina Tan at 2010-4-13 Refer:
    I would like to join this tour from Guilin on 17th of September 2010. How much for 2 person ? Please reply. Thank you.
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