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West Mountain in Guiping 2D

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  West Mountain lies 2.5 kilometers west of Guiping city proper. Since ancient times, Guiping's West Mountain has been renowned for its Buddhist temples, deep forests, sweet spring water, peculiar boulders, and fragrant tea.

Operating Company: Go China Adventure International Travel Service Co. Ltd
Tour Operator: Sonia     

Start in:  Nanning
Terminal at:  Nanning
Adult Price from:
Group Persons:   Min(2)
Guaranteed Departure:  Anytime on Requested

Duration: 2 Days 1Nights
Service Grade:  Stnadard
Accommodation: Star Hotel
Transportation: coach
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Itinerary & Activities
   Day1: Dateng Gorge
  After breakfast, depart from Nanning to Guiping by coach. Upon arrival, have lunch. Then tour Dateng Gorge.Has the repution of " The Small Three Gorge in Guangxi", Dateng Gorge is the largest and the most dangerous river gorge, also the base of Yao minority peasant revolt in the Ming Dynasty. After supper,visit Tropic of Cancer Park, which is the first mark of Tropic of Cancer in Guangxi. Accommodation at Guiping.

   Day2: West Mountain
  After breadfast,visit West Mountain, the important national scenic spot and the holy land of Buddhism, which is famous as " The Most Beautiful Mountain in Southern China." Climbing up West Mountain, there are Lord Li's Temple; Washing Stone Nunnery; Longhua Temple....
You can enjoy the famous West Mountain Tea while touring the hill. Eminent monks originally planted West Mountain Tea here during the Tang Dynasty.At its summit 600 meters above sea level is the two-storey Nine-Dragon Tower; from here visitors can water the sunrise and look over Guiping City. After lunch, tour the site of Taiping Rebellion in Jintian, which is the important national cultural relic.
Then come back Nanning.

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