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Hechi 2D

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Operating Company: Go China Adventure International Travel Service Co. Ltd
Tour Operator: Sonia     

Start in:  Nanning
Terminal at:  Nanning
Adult Price from:
Group Persons:  
Guaranteed Departure:  Anytime on Requested

Duration: 2 Days 1Nights
Service Grade:  
Accommodation: Star Hotel
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Itinerary & Activities
   Day1: Xiaxian River, Yizhou
  At8:00am, go to Yizhou by coach. After lunch, tour the beautiful Xiaxian River by boat. On the way, appriciate and participate in the Zhuang's folk performance at Liuhe Stockaded Village; visit the shooting scene of teleplay " Third Sister Liu"l; visit the former residence of Aniu and Thrid Sister Liu.After supper, check in hotel. Accommodation at Yizhou.

   Day2: The Three Small Gorges,Hechi
  After breakfast, go to Hechi city to visit the three small gorges.Admire the diverse scenes of Longmen Gorge, Liangfeng Gorge and Tianmen Gorge by boat. After lunch, come back Nanning.


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