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Leisure Tour on Customs of Beihai Fisherman's Family 2D

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Operating Company: Go China Adventure International Travel Service Co. Ltd
Tour Operator: Sonia     

Start in:  Nanning
Terminal at:  Nanning
Adult Price from:
Group Persons:   Min(2)
Guaranteed Departure:  Anytime on Requested

Duration: 2 Days 1Nights
Service Grade:  
Accommodation: Star Hotel
Inquiries About It

Itinerary & Activities
   Day1: Beihai Fisherman's Family
  At 8:00am, depart from Nanning Railway Station. Have lunch in fisherman's family. In the afternoon, tour Nanwan Fishing Village ( National Forest Park). Then visit Guandi Temple, Pearl Garden (display for getting pearl from shell), Sanpo Temple, Sea corroded scene(The Seas Run Dry and The Rocks crumble),Grand Round Angle Blockhouse, Wave-seeing Platform. Then you can dig snailsand oysters, pick shells and crabs on the beach. About 18:30pm, have supper in the fisherman's family and accommodation at fisherman's house. At night, we can arrange some activities, such as capturing sea horse and barbecuing, it all depends.

   Day2: Go out to the sea
  After breafast, at about 8:30am, go out to the sea by boat for halieutics. At 11:00, come back the harbor and have lunch in the fisherman's family. Then come back Nanning.


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    Being fairly new to the oebgosphlre, I'm not sure if it's best to ignore comments like this or to respond carefully. Rather than getting upset, I'll try the careful response tactic. Before pointing out the more troublesome political claims in this response, I'll point out a number of factual errors, some more important than others:1. SARS broke out in China with great vigour in early 2003 (I believe that it originated in late 2002).2. The SARS outbreak led to an absolute panic and a rapid progression of restrictions to control it. It was not ignored.3. The link between poverty and education in China is a complex one. China is not, however, an uneducated population overall.Tom has written a very good post (one of your best, in my opinion, Tom) that reports his personal experience, the opinions of clinicians he works with, discusses the facts such as they are available, and considers from his own perspective what gaps remain. He also, notably, looks at the response of high level officials to the AIDS crisis. The link to the UNAIDS reports backs up what Tom has to say.Now, on the question of arbitrary power and the maintenance of power, to suggest that the CCP/Chinese government governs exclusively through lying and deception and that it lacks entirely in concern for the Chinese people is both factually incorrect and politically naive. Setting aside for the moment the notion that the Party is a characterized only by top down rule (it is, of course, to some degree, but this begs the question of how the policies of top down rule are formulated), if it were the case that China's leadership class ruled by deliberately keeping unhealthy and uneducated, then they would have long ago ceased to be in the position they are. At present, China is a pseudo-socialist, one-party/totalitarian state, bureaucratically administered in line with neoliberal principles that more or less dominate all of the world's major economies. Despite the exercise of arbitrary power, the Party maintains its legitimacy in part by based upon its people's well-being and, perhaps even more importantly, the continued expansion of economic opportunity. It has a vested interest in the health and education of its people and pursues the advancement of these areas with great vigour. Currently, this provision is radically imperfect, exasperatingly inequitable, and often desperately ham handed, as many posts on this blog detail. However, and here is where many involved in this blog might find a point of disagreement, corruption and arbitrary is only part of the cause of these conditions. The much larger problem is the ideological commitment to neoliberal market principles which, in fact, presuppose inequality of the kind we see in all aspects of the Mainland society.On the SARS crisis, having lived through the fog of that event, the response of certain jurisdictions was indefensible with respect to the provision of information. The response on the ground, however, was most definitely about stopping infection. That many officials were found to be protecting their careers merely underlined their ignorance about the role of good information in public health promotion. Which, of course, brings us back to the essence of Tom's post.
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