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the Itinerary of 2007 Summer Caravan Self Driving Tour

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  2007 Summer Caravan Self Driving Tour Over the Silk Road

This 30 day adventure from south to north west China presents an opportunity of a lifetime. Commencing in Nanning, Guangxi it covers 7 provinces and regions including Guizhou, Chongqing, Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang.

The tour will commence on 20th July in Nanning and return to Nanning on 20th August 2007. The tour is open to local Chinese with or without vehicles as well as to visitors from overseas who will travel with local Chinese drivers. The cost for the 30 day tour is Y6880 (US$950) per person. This covers twin share accommodation, a professional guide and insurance. The price excludes food and entrance tickets. Fuel and toll gate fees will be split between the passangers of each vehicle. Each vehicle will accommodate 4 travellers including the driver.

Contact us for a detailed itinerary, highlights of the route and more information.

Operating Company: Go China Adventure International Travel Service Co. Ltd
Tour Operator: maggie     

Start in:  Nanning, Guangxi
Terminal at:  Nanning, Guangxi
Adult Price from: USD 950.00 $p.p    
Group Persons:   Min(5)

Duration: 30 Days 30Nights
Service Grade:  Self-Help
Accommodation: 2 Star Hotel
Transportation: Car
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Itinerary & Activities
   Day1: Nannig----Zunyi (Guizhou)
  Drive 700km, roads in good condition (Expressway + National Class  II highway)
Visit Old Site of the Zunyi Conference

   Day2: Zunyi----Chengdu (Sichuan)
  Drive 686km, roads in good condition (Expressway + National Class II highway)
   Day3: Chengdu-----Songpan (Sichuan)
  Drive 270km, roads in good condition (National Class II highway)Visit Du Jiang Yan Weir
   Day4: Songpan----Ruoergai (Sichuan)
  Drive 140km.
Visit Rer Prairie,Meyalu Scene.

   Day5: Ruoergai----Xiahe (Gansu)
  Drive 230km.

Visit Langmu Temple,Sangke Prairie,Labuling Lamasery

   Day6: Xiahe----Xining (Qinghai)
  Drive 400km, Class II highway

Visit Terraced Fields Scene of Loess Plateau

   Day7: Xining----Delingha (Qinghai)
  Drive 350km, Class II highway
Visit Qinghai Lake,Chaka Salt Lake,Taer Temple,The Dropping down River,Sun and Moon Hill

   Day8: Delingha----Youshashan (Qinghai)
  Drive 480km, Sandstone Way +Asphalt Road
Visit Delingha Farm, Caidamu Basin,Green Grass Mountain

   Day9: Youshashan----Minfeng (Xinjiang)
  Drive 1073 km , Asphalt Road

Visit Takla Makan Desert, Niya Site

   Day10: Minfeng----Yecheng (Xinjiang)
  Drive 538 km, National Road 315

   Day11: Yecheng----Kashi (Xinjiang)
  Drive 200 km, National Road 315

   Day12: Kashi (Xinjiang)
  Visit Grand Aidkhah Mosque, Apaki Hojai Mazar,Kashi Big Bazaar

   Day13: Kashi----Kuche (Xinjiang)
  Drive 790 km, National Road 314
Visit Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves

   Day14: Kuche---- Bayanbulak Grassland (Xinjiang)
  Drive 120 km, National Road 217
Visit Swan Lake, Bayanbulak Grass

   Day15: Bayanbulak Grassland----Kuitun (Xinjiang)
  Drive 335 km, National Road 217

   Day16: Kuitun----Urumqi (Xinjiang)
  Drive 226 km, National Road 312

   Day17: Urumqi (Xinjiang)
  Visit Geographical Centre of Asia, Tianchi Scenic Area, The Ruins of Ancient City, The Nanshan Pasture Land, Urumqi International Bazaar

   Day18: Urumqi----Turpan (Xinjiang)
  Drive 186 km, National Road 312
Visit Shili Salt Lake, The biggest wind power station in Asia, The Ruins of Ancient Jiaohe City, The Bezklik Thousand Buddha Caves, The Emin Minaret (Su Gong Ta)

   Day19: Turpan----Hami (Xinjiang)
  Drive 407 km, National Road 312
Visit The Ruins of Ancient Gaochang City, The Mausoleums of Hui Royal family

   Day20: Hami----Dunhuang (Gansu)
  Drive 425km, National Road 312
Visit Ming Sha Mountain (Echoing- sand Mountain), Yueya Quan (Crescent Spring), Magao Grottoes

   Day21: Dunhuang----Jiayu Pass (Gansu)
  Drive 383 km, Class I Highway

Visit Jiayuguan Pass

   Day22: Jiayu Pass----Wuwei (Gansu)
  Drive 487 km, Expressway

Visit Zhangye Giant Buddha Temple, Luoshita Temple, Confucian Temple

   Day23: Wuwei----Lanzhou (Gansu)
  Drive 240 km, Expressway
Visit White Tower Mountain Park, Town God's Temple, The Yellow River Bridge

   Day24: Lanzhou----Tianshui (Gansu)
  Drive 230 km, Expressway

Visit Maiji Caves, Fuxi Temple, Wei's Water River

   Day25: Tianshui----Longnan (Gansu)
  Drive 200 km, Asphalt Road

Visit Chicken's Peak Mountain, Wanxiang Hole

   Day26: Longnan----Jiuzhaigou Valley (Sichuan)
  Drive 120 km

   Day27: Jiuzhaigou Valley (Sichuan)
  Visit Jiuzhaigou Valley
   Day28: Jiuzhaigou Valley----Chengdu (Sichuan)
  Drive 913 km, Asphalt Road

   Day29: Chengdu----Zunyi (Guizhou)
  Drive 686 km, Expressway

   Day30: Zunyi----Nanning (Guangxi)
  Drive 700km, the road in good condition (Expressway + National Class II highway)

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