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Forklore of Third Sister Liu 5D

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  The beautiful natural scenery and unique ethnic charm have close relations to the story of Liu Sanjie (the third sister of the Liu family). The combination of natural scenery and ethinc culture enables visitors to enjoy the poetic landscapes and charming folklore of Guangxi.

Liu Sanjie was an outstanding folk song singer of the Zhuang minority during the Tang dynasty and was praised as the 'Song Fairy' and the 'Queen of Song'. She is highly respected for her praise of life and the promotion of justice through beautiful songs. Liuhe Village on the Xiajian river in Yizhou is her birthplace.

The story of Liu Sanjie became known throughout the country thanks to a 1961 movie. An instant hit, the movie also helped spread the story throughout South East Asia.
Operating Company: Go China Adventure International Travel Service Co. Ltd
Tour Operator: Petter     

Start in:  Guilin
Terminal at:  Guilin
Adult Price from:
Group Persons:  

Duration: 5 Days 4Nights
Service Grade:  
Accommodation: Star Hotel
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Itinerary & Activities
   Day1: Guilin
  Meet in Guilin and visit Liu Sanjie Cultural Garden, Liujiang Ethinic Culture Garden and Xiangshan Park with the famous Elephant Trunk Hill and the surrounding iconic karst scenery of the region. Visit Qixing and Ludi Cave attractions and a join a trip around the City Waterway in the evening. Accommodation in Guilin.

Camel Hill
   Day2: Guilin--Yangshuo
  Take a boat trip down the Li River to Yangshuo, and visit the Yulonghe River and Darongshu Park where Liu Sanjie threw her Embroidary Ball to her sweetheart. Enjoy the performance 'Impressions of Liu Sanjie' set on the natural stage formed by the Li River. Visit West Street in Yangshuo for some evening shopping. Accommodation in Yangshuo.

Darongshu Park in Yangshuo, Guilin
   Day3: Yangshuo--Liuzhou
  From Yangshuo drive to Liuzhou and visit Dalongtan and Yufeng Hill where Liu Sanjie sang her songs and supposedly became immortal. Visit Bagui Stone Museum and learn about the odd shapes that form as a result of the local geographic forces. Accommodation in Liuzhou.

Yufengshan Park in Liuzhou
   Day4: Liuzhou--Yizhou--Hechi
  From Liuzhou drive to Yizhou and Hechi and visit the Xiajian River with the Ecological Reserve of Liu Sanjie's Ballad and Liu Sanjie's Hometown and Acedemy. Accommodation in Yizhou.

Xiajianhe River in Yizhou, Hechi

Forme Residence of Liu Sanjie in Liuhezhai, Yizhou, Hechi
   Day5: Yizhou-Xincheng-Laibin-Liuzhou
  From Yizhou drive to Xincheng and Laibin and visit the ancient political office of the Zhuang minority which is noted as the  Imperial Palace of the Zhuang minority. This region featured in the film 'Liu Sanjie'. Return to Liuzhou by bus.

Liu Sanjie Culture Square in Yizhou, Hechi

Wedding Ceremony of Zhuang Nationality
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* Lia Lia at 2012-6-16 Refer:
    Ah yes, I agree. These are the pictures of the area I want to see and why I tuoghht it was a sleepy little town. I just discovered the Liu Sanjie show this week and it is min blowing on video can't imagine how cool it is to see in person at night. They say they perform it almost every night? Sounds like you've traveled a lot in China and if this is  one of the most stunningly beautiful places I’ve ever visited , it must be pretty special. Now I must make plans for a trip in 2012.
* wim Nijbroek at 2009-12-27 Refer:
    Hello,tI like to know what'sthe best time to visit Guilin (and surrounding)? I  have the possibility to go (with 2 children (7 and 5)) in may and july/august. I looked at spme climate charts but can't find in out.Can you help me?
Thanks Wim
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