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Leisure Tour on Customs of Beihai Fisherman's Family 2D   ( GuangXi )
USD $   2 Days (Starts in Nanning And End at Nanning)
[Guaranteed Departure] Anytime on Requested
Star Isle Lake and Beihai 2D   ( GuangXi )
USD $ 66  2 Days (Starts in Nanning And End at Nanning)

Beihai Silver Beach and Weizhou Island 2D   ( GuangXi )
USD $ 50  2 Days (Starts in Nanning And End at Beihai)
Beihai is famous city. It is well-know for his Silver Beach, the sand is soft and the sun is light. ...
[Guaranteed Departure] Any Time from Monday to Sunday
Silver Beach 1D   ( GuangXi )
USD $ 10  1 Days (Starts in Nanning And End at Beihai)
The expanse of Beihai's Silver Beach is a wonderful contrast from the hustle and bustle of the citie...
[Guaranteed Departure] Anytime from Monday to Sunday
Beihai and Weizhou Island 2D   ( GuangXi )
USD $ 52  2 Days (Starts in Nanning And End at Nanning)
Take a short break from Nanning with this 2 day adventure to the seaside. Visit the beach of Beihai ...

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