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      Newsletter :November_23

    Editor: Wei Rong
    11 July 9 June in Chinese Calendar, the Golden Beach tourist area in Fangchenggang was featured by noise from gongs and drums. Because it was a yearly traditional day for Gin minority people C Ha festival.
    The programs of this years even include: the Singing Market of Gin, Catching Ducks in Sea Circle, Race of Beach Bicycle, Gastronomical Festival, seminar and exhibition of photographic works of Gin. The whole event ended on 17 July.
    Gin, as a small group of people among the total 56 ethnic groups, is the only minority in China that makes a living on fishing. Ha festival, also called Changha festival, refers the meaning of Ha to singing. There are four major items of the ritual offering sacrifices to gods : Sishen, Jishen, Ruxi and Songshen.. For its importance for Gin minority and uniqueness for the whole Chinese ethnic culture, it was in 2006 on the list of the first passel of non-material China legacies.
    For years, the city of Fangchenggang has taken positive steps of propelling culture and tourism industries, improving the facilities, seriously strengthening protection of cultural heritages, making great efforts of exploiting featured tourist resources. Both culture and tourism industries  have got fast development. Carrying forward Gin ethnic culture and forging Gin brand as a tourist product, has been the main focuses and emphases of tourism development of Dongxing C a county of Fangchenggang city. Starting from this year, municipality of Fangchenggang holds Ha festival of Gin minority every year, upgrading the Gin tradition from non-governmental level to government leading level, and to the scope of development of tourist culture industry. It will foster protection and inheritance of non-material national cultural heritage, and give impetus to co-development of culture and tourism industries in harmony. This is a process of building a brand of Gin as a tourist product, which shows the combination of rich connotation of culture and tourism of Gin minority. Its the trend of developing tourism as an industry, and has significance of expanding its influence, appeal and competitiveness. It is also the concrete reflection of developping the Guangxi North Gulf Economic Region, and the important mean to develop Fangchenggang city into an international beach tourist resort.

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