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   You can obtian following travelling information Service we provide by editing "??" or "LY" or "168".GuangXi;China Mobile customers can call 0886808.GuangXi;China Unicom customers can call 886808 or 1616. Chinaphs customers can call 669908.China mobile customers outside GuangXi can call 91680628.

Inquiries on travelling itinerary Inquiries on hotel
      You can get the latest information on the travelling destinations you're interested,days of travelland the price.the name of the compang providing the service and the felephone number are included in the information.
      one yuan/per piece.
     You can get the latest related information on the cities,star-hotels and the price such as the name of the hotels.stars ,location,phone number and related hotel brief information.
     one yuan/per piece

Inquiries on plane tickets Inruiries on train tickets
     You can get the latest related information on departure city,arriving city and departure schedule such as the name of airline company,the number of the airliner,departure time,arrival time. shedule,price,telephone number etc.
     one yuan/per piece.
     You can get the latest train ticket information on the departure city or arrival city that you're interested such as the number of the train,departure time,arriving time telephone number etc.
     one yuan/per piece

Inquiries on the travelling destination Inruiries on travelling companies
     You can set the related infornation on the city and the scenery spots of the city you're interested such as the name of the scenery spots,the price,and brief introduction of the scenery spots.
     one yuan/per piece.
     You can get information cbout travelling cpmpanies such as trauell Bureau,Travuelling quality Supervisal Deparement,hotel,travel agents,airline companies,travelling transportation service companies,travelling shopping centres,their locations and telephone numbers.
     one yuan/per piece

Inquiries on the working staffs of the travelling companies Inruiries on travel express
     You can get the related information about the name,sex,the certificate number and language of related dragomen.
     one yuan/per piece.
     you can get the latest travel express information of the travell business you're interested.
     one yuan/per piece

Membership service
     Menber s of travelling net caravan can get information of qrade deposits and the latest activity notice of the club and obtain code number confirmation.
     one yuan/per piece.

Business Inquiries

     Member can at the same time send a short message to the information promulgator while inquiring a certain service on the website so that their inquity will be dealt with the shortest possible time.
     one yuan/per piece.


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