5-star hotels in China test organic menus

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BEIJING, Sept. 16 (Xinhuanet) -- A Five-Star hotel in Beijing wants to set a trend for adopting more health-conscious menus. The Ritz Carlton says by going organic and green, it caters to clients with food sensitivities and raises awareness about the medicinal value of food.

Executive Chef Nathan Brown has a mission.

25 to 30% by the end of next year, Brown says. This involves an ongoing campaign to get his team on the same page.

Then the hunt for the goods in Chinas somewhat scarce organic market.

Browns quest for health-conscious menus is influenced by family and the traditional Chinese diet. Hes worked in Asia for six years.

The Ritz now offers a small of selection gluten-free pastry, organic vegetarian and vegan options.

Quite a success, considering Browns been with the hotel for just 12 months.

Food bolgger Scarlet said, "More and more people want to go organic. Chinas people have loads of money and they want to take care of their health"

Food bolgger Sparrow said, "More people are just having vegetarian food. Women, especially since they want to keep their figure."

On the right track and with the right sources. Brown networks intensively with organic suppliers who have the best of everything. Gradually and ideally, Brown wants a full supply of organic and natural ingredients.

(Source: CNTV.cn)

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