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    Guangxi Travel.com, an online-travel information service for Guangxi province and its immediate surrounding provincial and boarder areas, was established in 1998.  Since then, we have enjoyed the reputation of being the foremost tourist information and referral service for Guangxi.   We also cover other interesting areas and regions in the western part of China, such as, Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Hunan, Gansu and Sichuan.   We are one of the few international travel services which offer an extended warranty for "China Tour Coverage" even if the destinations are out of the regions of Nanning, and Guilin.   China Tour Coverage means that everything on your China trip is covered - excluding personal/private affairs or certain scheduled or unscheduled administrative/official affairs, etc.  

    Our upgraded China tour plan is a true exclusionary China tour coverage, and it is very much like an official warranty. Your deductible or bonus on the group of friends you get together for a tour is applied once the group's earnest money is settled through a bank.  We provide our customers with the best warranty China-tour coverage at the lowest possible prices. You can feel secure and relaxed in knowing that your China trip is covered by an experienced warranty travel agent. 

    Shelton China Travel Online aims to be a Guangxi-plus (plus the western part of China) travel-information center, consulting center, and online-reservation center, specializing in providing highly personalized and customized travel services. We will do our best to design individually-tailored tours for singles, couples, families and groups.

    We offer:

               Practicality (web-site & database) Maneuverability (itinerary & package tour services)  
               Creditability (company & partners) Impartiality (quality and price)


     Our team of highly trained, professional, friendly, travel advisors, is waiting to help you plan an unforgettable China and overland ASEAN trip.  

     Welcome!  Contact Us!

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