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  Guangxi People & Culture Introduction

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    Most Zhuang follow a traditional animist/ancestor-oriented religion, however, there are a number of Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims in Guangxi as well.

  The region is not overwhelmed by religions or believers. But anyhow the ethnic monirities in Guangxi have developed their unique local culture in the long process of social evolution and progress. The world-famous Huashan Cliff Paintings were created by the ancestors of Zhuang people. The Zhenwu Pavilion of Rongxian County, the Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge and Mapang Drum Tower from Sanjiang Dong Autonomous Prefecture are the crystallization of wisdom of Han and Dong ethnic group in the development of Chinese architecture. Guangxi is the sea of folk songs, and the ethnic minorities in Guangxi have created numerous folk songs to express emotions, to meet friends and to display intelligence. In the field of medicine, Zhuang medicine, Yao medicine, Miao medicine and Dong medicine have all developed special folk prescriptions. In the fields of ethnic arts and craft, the embroidery, brocade, and wax printing, as well as pattery-making, engraving and inscription of the ethnic minorities from Guangxi all enjoy high reputation across the country.
  One may find that there are in Guangxi several temples named "Fu Bo Temple" in the name of Ma Yuan, a general in Han Dynasty who used to defend the border of the country here and helped the local people for the economic reformations. To memorize this great hero, the local people built those temples and worshiped him by generations.
  Buddhism may be the better populous in this region, especially in the eastern part, namely Wuzhou where the Grand Dragon Temple of  Motherhood is well known, Guiping where the West Hill is famous across the South-Eastern Asian countries.
  Christians and Catholics may go to church in Guilin, Beihai, Wuzhou and Nanning.

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