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  Guangxi People & Culture Introduction

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    The ethnic minorities in Guangxi have created and invented a variety of musical instruments.

  The percussion instruments include Zhuang's bee drums and bronze drums, Yao's long drums and bronze drums; wind instruments include Dong's flute, Miao's reed-pipe wind instrument, vertical bamboo flute, and "mouth stringed instrument", Zhuang's "Bolie" and "Bayin", Yao's "Ox Horn". Plucked instruments inlude Dong's Pipa, Jing;s Monochord, and Miao's Yueqin (moon-shaped Chinese mandolin). Stringed instruments inlude Zhuang's Magu Hu, Hulu Hu, Waqin, Dong's Niujiaoqin, Miao's Guoha Qin, all of which are representatives of the musical instruments of Guangxi ethnic minorities.

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