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    In Guangxi, there are 12 ethnic groups of minority. But most populated one of them is the Zhuang.
      The music of ethnic minorities in Guangxi has had a long history and displays rich contents and colorful forms in performance, with both long songs and short songs, accompanied either with or without musical instruments, with single part, double parts or  multi parts of the music. According to the contents of the folk songs, they  can be divided into introduction songs, ancient songs, labor songs, songs on current political affairs, local custom songs, life songs, love songs, songs of historical legends, and children's songs. Zhuang's three forms of songs, Yao's "Panwang Song",  Dong's "Dage" songs, and Jing's "changha" songs, all of which are representatives of the local fold music from Guangxi ethnic minorities. 
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