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  Guangxi People & Culture Introduction

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    Guangxi cuisine includes several thousand top-grade, mid-grade and low-grade dishes, several hundred snacks and refreshments of different sizes, 1500 of which are famous ones. On the whole, the dishes have comprised an integral school of Guangxi cuisine. Its characteristic is as follows: hot cuisine in the north, sweet cuisine in the south, light hot in the west, fresh and tender in east.


Cuisine of the Northern Guangxi Flavor
  It comprises the local dishes in Guilin and Liuzhou, which are heavy in taste, thick in color, good at stewing and fond of being spicy.

Cuisine of the Southeastern Guangxi Flavor
  It inludes the local cuisines of Nanning, Wuzhou and Yulin, which pay much attention to the freshness and tenderness of the food, and diversification of the ingredients.

Cuisine of the Western Guangxi Flavor
  It is made up of the local cuisines of Baise and Hechi, featured by a strong national flavor. It is a good combination of various flavors, elaborately made with ordinary materials and full of variety. The dishes are light hot, delicately fragrant, tender and crisp.

Cuisine of the Coastal Guangxi Flavor
  It comprises the local cuisine of Beihai, Qinzhou and Fangchenggang. It puts emphasis on the flavor and color of the dish, and is good at cooking seafood. Dishes made of freshwater fishes and poultry are quite special.

Cuisine of the Ethnic Minority Flavor
  It comprises cuisines of different ethnic minorities. It shows a special love of the mountain vegetables, fungus in the mountains, edible wild herbs, and chicken and duck in the villages. It is characterized by freshness and purity in taste.


Fried Tea
  Fried tea is a unique diet of the ethnic minorities in Guangxi. To make fried tea, first pop the cooked sun-dried sticky rice with oil, then put a handful of polished round-grained rice and tea into a wok and stir-fry them, and then add some water. After the water is boiled, filter the tea, and add some salt in the water. After that, put the popped rice or fried soybeans into the water. Thus tea is ready. The fried tea can also be made sweet, which depends on the taste of different people.

Guilin Rice-flour Noodles
  It is the most famous snack food in Guilin and all over Guangxi. The rice-flour noodles are pure white, delicate, soft and pliant. The mixed ingredient is odorous, the meat and the vegetables are soft, and the thick gravy delicious.

Wuzhou Fried Paper-wrapped Chicken
  The chicken has a freshness and delicacy of its own. It tastes delicious, smooth but not greasy. It is a famous traditional dish in Wuzhou.

Rolled Rice Pancake
  Put the ground thick liquid rice into a tray, spread it out into a thin pancake, cast some minced meat and chopped green onions over it. After it is cooked, roll it up iand put it into a plate, mix it with paste-like thick sauce and sesame oil. It tastes soft, smooth and delicious.


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