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  •     The Dong Minority

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    People & Culture

    Introduction | Tribes | Art & Craft | Music & Dance | Traditional Weddings | Festivals & Events



      Dong: With a population of over 280,000, the Dong people live mainly in the Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County.
    The Dong people have their ancestral origin in the Baiyue people and have grown out of a branch of the Xi'ou people of the Qin and Han period. They are creators of colorful art and literature, and are skilled architects of wooden and stone structures. Their drum towers and the wind and rain bridges are the most famous of their masterpieces.
      The Dong women favor silver jewellery. After a woman gets married, she visits her husband only on holidays or on special occasions, until she becomes pregnant. The Dong believes in polytheism and worship natural objects, such as an ancient tree, huge rock, well or bridge.

    Art & Craft

        Being a Guest in a Dong Home
    The houses of the Dong are built of timber and bark from fire trees. The upper storey is the living quarters and the lower ground is reserved for animals. During the hunting season, the men go up to the mountains to look for game. According to tradition, hunters always share their catch with their companions.



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    Traditional Weddings

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    Festivals & Events

        Of the many festivals of the Dong people, the most celebrated ones are the Spring Festival and the 3rd Day of the 3rd Month Festival. The latter, includes bamboo dancing and a competition for flowery firecrackers.


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