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            --Clear Rivers and Green Hills
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    People & Culture LIUZHOU Introduction


    People | Language | Religions | Cooking & Recipes | Festivals | Music | Musical Instruments | Art & Craft



      Liuzhou, also named Dragon City, situated in the middle of Guangxi, 140 kilometers away from the south of Guilin (connected with expressway), the ancient city with a history of over 2,100 years is excellent national tour city and famous historical & cultural city, it also is traffic hub in Guangxi.
      Typical karst cave landscape forms attractive clear mountains and clean water and twisted peak in Liuzhou. Liujiang River embracing the city being full of twists and turns, with fantastic peak around the city, the whole city is like a giant natural landscape.
      There are manu scenic spots in Liuzhou, Liuzhou Temple in the mermory of Liu Zongyuan, famour writer and politician and Cloth Tomb, Yufenshan Hill with Liu Sanjie (third sister Liu), the legendary fairy singer who taught and sang folksong to the people and who ascenden into heaven on the back of an angel fish. Longtan scenic spot with beautiful and Miao, Yao, Dong and Zhuang Minority Nationality customs and fantastic Dule Cave etc. Liuzhou has only one fantastic stone park in China-Jianpan Hill Fantastic Garden and many speciallized fine stone hall. Liuzhou is also the hometown of the ancient men Liujiang Man and White Lotus Cave Man.
      Rongshui, Sanjiang and Jinxiu Counties of Liuzhou prefecture is the tourism area of minority ethnic folkore in Guangxi. Unique life cutoms and colorful nationality ethic folklore make you fresh and forget home.

        Liuzhou's population is made up of around 30 different ethnic groups



        Liuzhou is situated almost on the border of the Cantonese speaking south and standard Chinese speaking north of Guangxi



        There are Buddhism, Islamism, Catholicism and Christianity (Christendom) in Liuzhou


    Cooking & Recipes

        Liuzhou, like all cities in China, is awash with places to eat



        One thing the locals love to get up to is singing folksongs


    Musical Instruments

        The lusheng  is a mouth organ played by various minorities in China and neighbouring countries, such as the Dong, Gelo,  Lahu, Miao (Hmong) and Shui


    Art & Craft

        One of Liuzhou's more unusual claims to fame is its stones!

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