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    People & Culture GUILIN Introduction


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      Guilin is most well known for its "green mountains, crystal waters, unique caves". It has long enjoyed the reputation of "Guilin Tops the World in Landscape" and is most frequented by visitors from home and abroad. Based on the scenic characteristics, Guilin can roughly be divided into six scenic areas: Guilin-Li River-Yangshuo scenic area; Xing'an's Lingqu Canal scenic area; Maoershan Mountain scenic area; Longsheng virgin forest scenic area; Ocean-Gaoshang ginkgo forest scenic area; and Qingshi Pond Reservoir Scenic Area. In the city proper there are scenic spots as the Elephant Trunk Hill, Whirlpool Hill, Camel Hill, Folded Brocade Hill, Tower Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Cavern, and scenic sights along the Lijiang River.

    Celebs Look Guilin
      "Rather to be a Guilin Citizen than to be an immortal"
    -----Chen Yi, Chinese militarist, politician and poet

      If you want to go to Yangshuoi, you had better go there by wood boat along Li River. Only the reflection of landscape in water is another realm. The hills in water are clearer than ones on both banks. The hills seem like moving because of the flowing water. The postures of hills change continuously with the remotion of boat. The water of Li River is unusual clear, may be there is not another river's water like this.It is so clear that you can see the pebbles on the bottom, even the pattern of pebble, and the shining of the sand, even the craw trail of insect passing. The grass in the river is very dense, like the long leaves of cattail, flowing along the direction of river and flashing the dark green light.
    ------Fang Ji, Chinese up-to-date litterateur

      About one ten millions of people from other counties come to Guilin each year in order to look at the hills, rivers, rocks. These things are available everywhere! But these here is not different which make you surprised and charmed. I don't want to talk about those artistic poems and essays, a line of poet wrote by Chen Yi is true-----"Rather to be a Guilin citizen than to be immortal". A president from one country said: "God created Adam and Eve within the first seven days and Guilin within the second seven days. We do not know what will be created the next seven days?"  The foreigner believes in God, the Chinese believe in Immortal, whether it is God or not Immortal, the landscapes is too beautiful to express in words.
    ------Liang Hen, Chinese up-to-date litterateur

      I am used to write my experience at every place, but I can not anything before the Guilin's hills and the rivers. The cells from head to foot are moving, each good word thoughtfully is not appropriate. I don't know whether the most beautiful girl say nothing, or the landscape of Guilin does not exist for literature, every litterateur become into a fool.
    ------Jia Pingao, Chinese up-to-date letterateur

      I have visited over 80 counties and over 100 cities. But no city's scene can surpass the that of Guilin
    -----Nixon, the fromer president of America

      The landscape of Guilin should be listed the rank of  " the Eighth Wonder of the World".
    -----Anderlidy, the former president of Italy

    Guilin Physiognomy
    Standing at 109 16'~111 30'  east longitude and 24 16~26 24' north latitude in the northeastern of Guangxi Zhang Autonomous Region. The total area is 27809 square km and the city proper occupies 565 square km with 150m mean altitude.
    [Administrative Division] Consisting of 5 urban districts ( Diecai Xiufeng , Xiangshan , Qiuxing , Yanshan ) and 12 countries ( Longsheng, Ziyuan, Xiangan, Quanzhou, Guangyang, Lingchaun, Yongfu, Lingui, Yangshuo, Lipu, Gongcheng and Pingle ).
    [Population and Nationality] Total population of Guilin is 4,760,000, in which the city proper is 603,500, living tens of nationalities of Zhuang, Hui, Yao and Dong taking up 8.5%. The population of minority is 686,400.
    [Climate] Because of subtropical region, the climate of Guilin is moderate. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 7.9C, July is the hottest with an average temperature of 28C. Yearly average rainfall is 1900mm. It is the best time for travel from April to October.
    [River] Li River is the mother river of Guilin, belonging to the Pearl River system, original from Mao'er Mountain of Xing'an, a country of North Guilin. It is 160km long total through Lingchuan, Guilin, Yangshuo and Pingle.
    [History] The human lived in this land 30000 years ago. After Qin Shibuang, the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, unified China, a man-made Lingqu Canal connected Li River and Xiang River. In B.C111, Hanwu Emperor began to establish Shi'an county, which capital was set in today's Guilin. During the later 2000 years, Guilin had been the capital of state, prefecture or county set by each dynastic government. From Song dynasty, Guilin became the center of politics, military, economics and culture of Guangxi.
    [Name Derivation] In B.C214Qin Shihuang excavated the Ling Canal to connect Li River and Xiang River and established three prefectures of Guilin, Xiangjun and Nanhai. Guilin was the first time to appear in history, which became the seat of prefecture, state and government agency or country early or later. From 1949 to today, Guilin has been its name.
    [Guilin Today] With the complete of reconstruction of Guilin, more and more changes took place in Guilin, especially the "Two Rivers and Four Lakes" Project, which recovers the all-round-city water system, optimize the ecological environment and widen the tourism range etc. The transportation is very convenient which has formed the thriving transportation system. The Liangjiang International Airport is operating properly. Boasting over 40 national and international airlines directly towards over 30 cities and regions at home and abroad; the trains directly connect Guilin with main cities all over China. Meanwhile, the traffic network composed by GuiHai Highway, Guihuang Road with Class I, Guiyang Road with class II etc to everywhere of Guangxi and the county; the express coaches and buses with air-conditioner are available between Guilin and every county around. Furthermore, civil bus, taxi, civil bus for free and special bus route for AAAA scenery for free are of great help for you to travel around the downtown or the attractions around.
      Long programmed tel., mobile tel., Internet, IDD and DDD telephones and worldwide express mail service are available in the whole city. The DDD telephone and worldwide express mail services spread over 130 countries and regions and over 200 cities of China.
    [City Flower of Guilin ] Sweet Osmanthus 
      Sweet Osmanthus is the city flower of Guilin. It is an evergreen plant and belongs to Sweet Osmanthus genus and Sweet Osmanthus family. Guilin has many Sweet Osmanthus tree forests, hence the name of Guilin (Forest of Sweet Osmanthus trees).
      The history of Sweet Osmanthus in Guilin can be traced back to 10,000 years ago. Pollen had been discovered in the relics of Zengpiyan Cave of the New Stone Age located to the south of the city. Guilin has been enjoying a fame of "home of Sweet Osmanthus" for a long time. 
    [ Symbol of Guilin] 
     The logo features the characteristics of Guilin City. It uses the image of Sweet Osmanthus as the outline and the symbolic Elephant-trunk Hill and its reflections on the river is in the middle of the logo. The logo is not only significant, but also fully illustrates the beautiful views of the city.

        With a population of 470,000 people, Han people are the most.



        Guilin local dialect is the most populated language in communication.



        Christians,Buddhist and muslim


    Cooking & Recipes

        Guilin Rice-flour Noodles



        With its longly-heritaged history, Guilin has quite a lot of occasions of festivals throughout the year.



        Due to its long history of over 2700 years, Guilin owns a rich heritage of traditional art of music.


    Musical Instruments

        Reed-pipe wind instrument, which is called "Lusheng" in the local dialect.


    Art & Craft

        Chinese painting has a great school of mountains and rivers painting of Guilin. Inflected by the beautiful hills and river, the painters here are the master of mountains and rivers paiting.

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