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            ----A Wonderful Green in Southern China
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    People & Culture NANNING Introduction


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       Nanning, A Wonderful Green City
      Nanning, a green city with a long history of more than 1,680 years and unique national customs and culture of south China.
      Nanning, a thriving modern city and the provincial city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is the political, economic, and cultural center of Guangxi region, Facing southeast Asia, resting on the vast land of southwest China,  linked with Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to the east and the Indo-China peninsula to the west, Nanning is a axis city on the gateway for the provinces in southwest China in getting to the nearest ports and an intersection of the economic circles of south, southwest China and southeast Asia, Nanning is now one of the new highlight spots of China's economic development.
      Owing to its favorable geographical location, Nanning enjoys a  very mild climate and beautiful scenery, and that makes Nanning a green pearl set in the south of China. Nanning covers an area of 10,029 square kilometers with a population of 2,8587 million. Situated to the south of the Tropic of Cancer and belonging to the sub-tropical monsoon zone, Nanning enjoys both abundant sunshine and rainfall. The weather is warm and pleasant in all seasons and the sweet, fragant smell of flowers and ripe fruits are everywhere all the year round. Hence Nanning enjoys very good reputation as "Grasses remain green in winter and flowers are in bloom all the year round". Climbing up the green hills and looking into the distance, one can see that Nanning emerges in the green trees and flowers as "half green trees and half buildings". Mountains, rivers, lakes, and streams mirror the green trees and colorful flowers, blending into a harmonious scene of subtropical beauty.
      Nanning, is now regaining its youthful energy and showing the unique hospitality of the Zhuang people and is looking forward to friends from all over the world to visit and share and celebrate this beautiful time.

        Zhuang Minority






        Whirship Frog and nun-relgious.


    Cooking & Recipes

        Nanning snacks have a long history and have various kinds. Emperor Qianlong Pot-Boiled Beef Flour, Shuang Ji Yushengjidi Gruel, Zeng's big Zong with Meat and Green Beans, Li Zifan Sticky Rice Dumpling and Chengxiang Garden Tea House are jointly called "Five Brave Generals" of Nanning Snacks.



        Nanning share almost all the holidays and festivals in China. And also they have their specials though.



        Nanning International Folk Song  Every November, people from all over the world gather in Nanning to celebrate a world-wide festival---Nanning International Arts Festival of Folk Songs


    Musical Instruments



    Art & Craft

        Nanning boasts a long history and a full heritage of folk dances and dramas, the most popular are the lion dance, spring bull dance. Yong Opera and Cantonese Opera.

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