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  •   What to do in Nanning --  2010-3-29

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    Nanning is the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in south-west China. It is a large, modern city and a transport gateway for travellers to and from Vietnam.


    • Nanning People's Park

    • Nanning South Lake Park

    • Nanning Shishan Park

    • Nanning Shimen senlin Park

    • Nanning Zoo

    • Nanning Qingxiu Mountain

    Get in

    By plane

    Nanning Wuxu International Airport serves both domestic and international flights, though the latter feature is only offered on a few destinations on a non-daily basis. Since Nanning City is China's gateway to Southeast Asian countries, the local government is putting a lot of emphasis on connecting Nanning to the capitals of every Southeast Asian country. Getting there: There is a shuttle bus every half hour to/from Chaoyang Lu in front of the Minhang (CAAC) Hotel and next to the Yinhe Hotel close to the railway station. RMB 15 per person. 45 minutes.

    Public bus no 301 runs between the airport and the city center. Journey time is approximately one hour and costs 3 RMB.

    Taxis are also available. As of March 2006, a taxi costs about 75 RMB. If you're going to the city center or close by, don't let them charge you more. Have them use the meter. As of November 2008, fixed price to downtown (Wal-Mart and Parksons shopping center) is 100 RMB for two persons.

    July 2009 A taxi from the airport to Langdong bus terminal will cost 120-130 RMB, but it is still possible to bargain for 100-110 RMB. The drivers refuse to use the meter but the price is not exorbitant as it may even cause more with the meter.

    By train

    The railway station is at the northern end of Chaoyang Road just north of the city center. There are trains from

    • Beijing - 28 hours

    • Guilin - 5-6 hours

    • Kunming - 10 hours

    • Pingxiang - at the border to Vietnam, 3½ hours

    • Hanoi, Vietnam

    By bus

    Nanning has two major bus terminals:

    • Langdong bus terminal is on Minzu Dadao to the east of the city centre amongst all the new skyscrapers.

    • Jiangnan bus terminal is on Xingguang Dadao way south of the city center. Buses from the south, Pingxiang near the Vietnam border (arrivals roughly hourly, 2.5 hrs, ¥60), and Yangshuo (via Guilin) operate from Jiangnan. Getting there/away: Bus 41 (¥3, 20 minutes journey) connects Jiangnan to Chaoyang Road in the city centre. Catch them from the square in front of the terminal. Alternatively a taxi will take you for approx. ¥5-10.

    • Yunde [1] buses from Hanoi arriave at Langdong Bus Station.

    Get around

    Local buses serve the city, and most are ¥1 per trip. Buy a bus map of the city for about ¥5 for the routes around the city, which doubles as a city map. Bus 301 also serves Wuxu International Airport, and costs ¥3 for the one-hour ride to the city. It terminates at the city centre.

    Taxis are also convenient for getting around the city, and most rides within the city should cost under ¥20. Fares start at ¥7 but there is an additional ¥1 fuel surcharge to be added to your final fare, regardless of distance.

    Another way of getting around is a three-wheeled buggy that resembles a motorbike with two seats.


    • Guangxi Museum (ʡ; Gungxshng Bwgun), 34 Minzu Dadao (34; Mnz Ddo) (vaguely opposite Minzu Square).