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    •[GuangXi] Nanning People's Park  ( last updated 2005-10-14)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:
      In the east of the city, the People's Park is one of the eight seinic spots of old Nanning. As soon ...

    •[GuangXi] Purple cloud fairyland  ( last updated 2005-2-28)

      Scenery rate:    Price:40  Location:Purple cloud fairyland
      Purple cloud fairyland is located at the foot of the celestial of LiMu village in Hezhou city,4 kilo...

    •[GuangXi] Huangyao Old Town  ( last updated 2005-2-25)

      Scenery rate: AAA   Price:30  Location:Huangyao Old Town
      Huangyao Town,with a history of thousand years,is situated in the northest of zhaoping County,Guangx...

    •[GuangXi] Beihai Silver Beach  ( last updated 2005-1-29)

      Scenery rate: AAAA   Price:35  Location:Beihai Silver Beach
      Beihai Silver Beach is one of China's ideal paradise sunshine beach holiday resorts, which lies on t...

    •[GuangXi] Dongpo Pavilion  ( last updated 2005-1-28)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:Dongpo Pavilion
      Dongpo Pavilion is located in Hepu Normal College, which was the former site of Qinglexuan (Pure Enj...

    •[GuangXi] Aquatic Products Museum  ( last updated 2005-1-28)

      Scenery rate:    Price:12  Location:Aquatic Products Museum
      Aquatic Products Museum is one of the largest aquatic product exhibition centers in China (the other...

    •[GuangXi] Two Rivers Four Lakes  ( last updated 2004-12-28)

      Scenery rate:    Price:120  Location:
      The Two Rivers and Four Lakes scenery area points the two rivers-Li River ( part of downtown area ),...

    •[GuangXi] Nice View Garden  ( last updated 2004-12-28)

      Scenery rate: AAAA   Price:  Location:
      Nice View Garden, located in the south of Green lotus Peaks, is surrounded by the beautiful Li River...

    •[GuangXi] The art Gallery of Guangxi Normal University  ( last updated 2004-12-22)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:
      Opened in 1983, the art gallery of Guang Xi Normal University is Located at the foot of the Solitary...

    •[GuangXi] Butterfly Spring  ( last updated 2004-12-18)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:
      Butterfly Spring -- A tourist attraction to feel the nature! It has natural waterfall, good melodies...


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