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    •[YunNan] Shangri-La  ( last updated 2008-5-19)

      Scenery rate: AAAA   Price:  Location:
      Diqing, a lucky and satisfactory place in Tibetan, located in the center of the world wonder 'The Th...

    •[GuangXi] Gulongshan Valleys scenic area  ( last updated 2007-11-19)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:Jinxi county,Baise
      Gulongshan Valleys scenic area is in Jingxi County, which has long been kown as "Small Guilin" due t...

    •[GuangXi] Detian Scenic spot in Nanning  ( last updated 2007-11-14)

      Scenery rate: AAAA   Price:  Location:
      A fascinating destination known as a "Corridor of Landscape Paintings", is located in Daxian, a coun...

    •[GanSu] Crescent Spring on Ming Sha Mountain  ( last updated 2007-10-18)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:
      The Crescent Spring on Ming Sha Mountain is 6 kilometers to the south west of Dunhuang City. Ming Sh...

    •[GanSu] Echoing Csand Mountain (Ming Sha Mountain)  ( last updated 2007-6-23)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:
    The Echoing-Sand Mountain is five kilometers (about three miles) away from the city of Dunhuang. S...

    •[XinJiang] The Mausoleums of Hui Royal Family  ( last updated 2007-6-23)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:
    Hami Huiwangi Mausoleum, 1 kilometer west to the Huicheng Xiang of Hami City, was the burial groun...

    •[XinJiang] The Ruins of Ancient Gaochang City  ( last updated 2007-6-23)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:
    The Gaochang Ancient City lies in between the Sanpu and Erpu villages 40 kilometers to the east of...

    •[XinJiang] The Emin Minaret (Su Gong Ta)  ( last updated 2007-6-23)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:
    The pagoda, 2 kilometers to the southeast of the city, was built in 1777 (the Emperor Qianlong Yea...

    •[] The Bezklik Thousand Buddha Caves  ( last updated 2007-6-23)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:
    It is located in the Muttou Gully of the laming Mountains 50 kilometers to the east of Turfan City...

    •[XinJiang] The Ruins of Ancient Jiaohe City  ( last updated 2007-6-23)

      Scenery rate:    Price:  Location:
    The ancient city, 1 kilometers west to the Turfan City proper, is on a high terrace in island shap...


    Gulongshan Valleys scenic area

    Detian Scenic spot in Nanning

    Crescent Spring on Ming Sha Mo...

    Echoing Csand Mountain (Ming S...

    The Ruins of Ancient Gaochang ...

    The Emin Minaret (Su Gong Ta)

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