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    Purple cloud fairyland

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    Operating Company:Go China Adventure International Travel Service Co. Ltd

    Tour Operator:yunfei    

    lScenery Rate :

    localtion of the Scenery :HeZhou

    Reception capability of the scenery spots:

    Price: standard: 50.00 yuan      preferential: 40.00 yuan

    Handicapped Service:            

    Scenery Intro:
      Purple cloud fairyland is located at the foot of the celestial of LiMu village in Hezhou city,4 kilometers far from the center of Hezhou city.The scenic spot mainly consists of secondary chemical precipitate,boasting the stalactites,stong bamboo shoots,stone illars,draperies,stone zithers,stone drums and cave lotus which are like some looking person,object and celestial.It is a tourist fairyland where the sceneries are naturally concentrated,magical and celestial .The underground water containing carbonates flew longside the rock cranny,the water then vaporized.The carbonates were deposited,crystallized and accumulated,the cave is 800 merers long fortouring distance and the total area in the cave bottom is about 8612 square meters.The cave has lots of broad halls,twisted corridors,inter laced labyrinths.
    There is the famous slanting pagode in pisa.Also there is the rare slanting and suspended pagoda inner the puruple cloud cave.Peaple will be afraid of seeing the ten meters high pagoda hanging in the air on the flagstone.The beautiful stalacties made the purpic cloud cave a place where the Gods dwell.
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