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  Zhuang Folk Song

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 Zhuang Folk Song 

   Zhuangzu Nationality is famous of her singing folk song in antiphonal style. Singing is a favorite activity for the Zhuang. It is a part of every festival with old songs and new songs invented on the spur of the moment. These songs are very pleasant , rhyming and affecting, which are about history, farming producing, or love etc. such as Tribulation Song, Song of broken - hearted woman . They also use musical instruments that consist of a bronze drum, suona (Chinese cornet), cymbals, gongs, sheng (Chinese wind pipe), xiao (vertical bamboo flute), di (Chinese flute),  wind pipes, a Chinese cornet, and huqin(a stringed instrument made of horse bones).
   Legends, fairy tales, stories and ballads frame the folk literature of the Zhuangs who have also been reputed for their singing. Sweet songs can be heard wherever you go in the Zhuang area. Extemporaneous melodies and lyrics and clever use of metaphors, riddles and cross-examinations add Imagecharm to their songs. It is said that, in the Tang Dynasty, a Zhuang woman singer called Third Sister Liu(a legendary figure of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) became known not just for her beautiful singing but especially for the courageous exposure in her songs of the crudeness of local tyrants. She is highly respected as a singing immortal for her praise of life and the promotion of justice through beautiful songs. Today her name is a household word throughout China thanks to a successful film(Sister Liu) about her made in the 1950s. 
    In the old days, every Zhuang community held its regular songfests at given venues. On those occasions, young people from nearby villages would come together in their holiday best to meet each other and choose their lovers through songs. 

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