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  Guilin's Karst Castles

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Guilin's limestone karst mountains.

             Solitary Beauty PeakImage                     Although Guilin it a city, many sights are located within the town or a short distance away. The Solitary Beauty Peak, located on the campus of the Guangxi Normal University, projects out from the ground like giant spike. The climb to the peak is steep, but the view from the top is worth the effort as you'll be able to take in the surrounding countryside and the Li River. At the bottom of the peak is the Wang Cheng(wang cheng),which was a Ming dynasty palace where the regional imperial exams were held.


                Wave-Subduing Hill

ImageWith half its base sticking out into the Li River, Wave-Subduing Hill is located in the northeast of Guilin, near Solitary Beauty Peak. The  hill is dotted with many interesting caves, one called Returned Pearl Cave has a thousand-year-old image of Buddha etched into the wall along with many others from the Tang and Song dynasties. Among the best carvings are a self-portrait by painter Mi Fu, and a poem by Fan Chengda, both from the Song dynasty.


                  Folded Brocade Hill

ImageIt's another well-kwon peak, offers cool relief with the aptly named Wind Cave.






                  Reed Flute CaveImage

It has some of the best scenery in Guilin with stalactites and stalagmites casting distorted shadows that contort to the shifting multi-colored lights     .





                   Seven Star Park

ImageIt's a large park with many attractive trails that wind around seven peaks in the shape of the Big Dipper.






                 Elephant Trunk Hill


To the south of town is Elephant Trunk Hill. Guilin's best known sight.

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