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  Sanli-Yangdu Tour Zone in Shanglin County

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 Name of Project
  Sani-Yangdu Tour Zone in Shanglin County

Location of Project
   Sanli Town and Chengtai Town

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
   The total estimated project investment is RMB 13.33 million yuan, by cooperative management, joint venture or sole investment, to be detailed as follows:
   1. It is planned to lease out the overall management right of Sanli-Yangdu Tour Zone for a period of 30 year in which the investor will take charge of the overall management and operation of the whole tour zone according to the agreement reached by both parties.
   2. Both parties will jointly manage and operate the tour zone according the shares of their investment. The inviting party will make investment by providing the property (mainly the water surface) while the investor will make investment by providing funds.
   3. Based on the agreement reached by both parties, the investor can make investment in each functional section by sole investment for development, management and operation.

Project Scope and Scale
   The total area of the Sanli-Yangdu Tour Zone in Shanglin County is 40.35 km2  with an estimated total project investment of RMB 13.3306 million yuan. The proposed project includes the following items: Yangshan Service Zone(with an estimated investment of RMB1.6 million yuan), Water Sightseeing Zone (with an estimated investment of RMB 2.4 million yuan), The Zone of the Footmark of Mr. Xu Xiake(with an estimated investment of RMB 0.4 million yuan), the Bugu Village Cultural Zone(with an estimated investment of RMB 1.17 million yuan), the Environmental Protection Project( with an estimated investment of RMB 0.81 million yuan) and the construction of basic facilities project( with an estimated investment of RMB 3.8 yuan).

Condition for Project Construction
   The traffic conditions in Shanglin County are very favorable. The county is only 132 km away from the capital city of Nanning by secondary road.
   The communications facilities in Shanglin are complete by and large. The network has reached even the villages. Domestic and international direct long distance call is available. The total installed capacity of telephone has reached 30 thousand sets for the whole county.
   There is 10kv transformer substation near the reception service zone of the project.

Market Analysis
   As the capital city of Guangxi, Nanning is relatively developed in social economy. There is a high proportion of people who are found of going on a journey, ranking No. One among the cities in Guangxi. In the meanwhile the number of tourists to Nanning each year ranks second in Guangxi.
   Shanglin County is located in the northeast of Nanning, only 132 km away from Nanning. In recent years, Nanning has become the major source place of tourists to Shanglin. Statistics shows that of the tourists to Shanglin over 80% are from the city zone of Nanning. With the development of the tourism resources and the rise of the weekend tour, Shanglin, by its advantages of being close to Nanning, will become an attraction to the three-million population of Nanning. Besides, with the tourism development in Nanning, the number of tourists to Nanning will greatly increase, these tourists are also the potential tourists to Shanglin.

Progress of Project Preparation
   The master planning and feasibility study have been completed for Sanli-Yangdu Tour Zone, one of the key tourism projects for development in Shanglin County. Meanwhile, the Peoples Government of Shanglin County is actively exploring a way for poverty relief through tourism development and has organized the local people to improve the environment of the tour zone. They guide the local people to set up tourist enterprises and raise funds through multi-channels in different way s to build roads to the tour zone and other facilities in the zone.

Preferential Policies for the Project
   1. Lower the cost of land for the project. The local government will not collect any other fees except for the land reclamation fee and land acquisition management fee as required by the state.
   2. Other taxes and fees will be collected according to related preferential policies stipulated by the state, the autonomous region and Nanning City.
    3. All approval procedures concerning the land  acquisition, construction, planning, use of water resource, water and soil conservation and environmental impact evaluation, etc. will b simplified and will be carried out by the project owner and concerned governmental administrative departments.

Contact Unit: Shanglin Shenlong Tourist Company Ltd.
Contact Person: Liu Dongmei
Tel: 0771-5226796
Fax: 0771-5220230
Address: Shanglin Tourism Bureau, Nanning
Postal Code: 530500

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