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  Big Dragon Lake Scenic Spot in Shanglin County

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 Name of Project
   Big Dragon Lake Scenic Spot in Shanglin County

Location of Project
    Big Dragon Lake Scenic Spot in Shanglin County

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
    The total project investment is 26 million yuan, either by cooperation, joint venture or sole investment detailed as follows:
    1. To put out to lease the overall management right of the Big Dragon Lake Scenic Spot for a period of 30 years. Within the period, the investor will fully take charge of the operation and management of the whole scenic spot.
    2. Both parties of the cooperation will manage the project together based on the proportion of funds they provide. The project owner will invest in the project by providing the land ( mainly water surface ) while the investor will invest in the project by providing construction funds.
    3. For the functional areas within the spot, the investor may make sole investment in development, operation and management of any of them.

Project Scale and Scope
    The tourism zone is 45 square kilometers. It is planned to build a water recreation zone ( with an estimated investment of 3.13 million yuan, excluding land acquisition fees and other fees. The same is true of the following figures), folk-custom tourist zone( with an estimated investment of 1.18 million yuan), agricultural sightseeing zone( with an estimated investment of 0.66 million yuan), the headstream scenery zone ( with  an estimated investment of 15.16 million yuan),  It is expected that the reception capacity will reach about 0.3 million person-times a year.

Conditions for Project Construction
    Shanglin County has very favorable traffic conditions and is connected with Nanning by A road or freeway. The Chongqing to Zhanjiang Freeway under construction passes by the county. The communications facilities in the county are complete and are available even in villages. International and domestic LDT is available in the county. The total installed capacity has reached 30000 sets. There is a 10kv power substation near the service area of the project. However, the service area has not been connected with the water supply and drainage system of the county seat.

Market Analysis
    Shanglin is located in the middle of Guangxi and the advantages in its geological location have provided a guarantee in sources of tourists for the tourism development of the Big Dragon Lake. On the one hand, Shanglin County is only 132 km away from Nanning to the South,186 km away  from Liuzhou to the North, which is an ideal distance for travelers. Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi and is the center of politics, economy and culture of the province while Liuzhou is an importance industrial city in the southwest region of China. The level of economic development in both cities is relatively high. The peoples power of consumption in both cities is strong with a high rate of going out for travel. These advantages have make Nanning and Liuzhou together with their adjacent towns the main sources of tourists for the Big Dragon lake Scenic Spot. On the other hand, Shanglin County is close to the golden tourism strip of Guilin-Liuzhou-Nanning-Beihai. Therefore both foreign and domestic tourists coming to Guangxi for sightseeing are also the potential sources of tourists for the Big Dragon Lake Scenic Spot.
      The Big Dragon Lake Scenic Spot has a large open water surface with many islands, beautiful sceneries and agreeable climate. It is suitable for the development of various water recreational projects and leisure tour and holiday making sites. But at  present there is a lack of such tourism product near or around such big cities as Nanning and Liuzhou. The tourism development of the Big Dragon Lake Scenic Spot can fill this vacancy just in time. Therefore there is a big market potential there.

Progress  of Project Preparation
     The Big Dragon Lake Scenic Spot is one of the key tourism resources in Shanglin County. The feasibility study was complete in 2000. in the same year the Big Dragon Lake Scenic Spot cooperated with Guangxi Nanning General Company of Automobile Transportation, who put in 900 thousand yuan for the purchase of a newly built luxury tourist boat. With the continuous increase in the number of tourists coming sightseeing to the scenic spot, the company bought another five small boats in 2001 to strengthen its power to meet the needs of the market. In the meanwhile, the peoples Government of Shanglin County has increased its investment in the project and put in a sum of over 2.9 million yuan for the construction of a road of 14 km to the Big Dragon Lake. They also set up the Shanglin Longteng Travel Service Company and bought five shuttle buses to run between the county seat and the Big Dragon Lake Scenic Spot, which has greatly promoted the development of the Big Dragon Lake Scenic Spot.

Preferential Policies for the Project
    1. Lower the cost of land for the  project. The local government will not collect any other fees except for the land reclamation fee and land acquisition management fee as required by the state.
     2. Other taxes and fees will be collected according to related preferential policies stipulated by the state, the autonomous region and Nanning City.
     3. All approval procedures concerning the land acquisition, construction, planning, use of water resource, water and soil conservation and environmental impact evaluation, etc. will be simplified and will be carried out by the project owner and concerned government administrative departments.

     Contact Unit: Shanglin Shenlong Tourist Company Ltd.
     Contact person: Liu Dongmei
     Tel: 0771-5226796
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