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  Jinlun Cave Holiday Tour Zone in Mashan County

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 Name of Project
Jinlun Cave Holiday Tour Zone in Mashan County

Total of project
Mount Jinlun of Xinyang Village, Guling Town, Mashan County

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
The total project investment is 86.41 million yuan, either by cooperation, joint venture or sole invest.

Project Scale and Scope
The purpose is to build it into a holiday tour zone of provincial level. Based on the geographical conditions, characteristics of the sights and the resource conditions, the project construction will include such items as a street of tourist commodities, hotel, folk-custom mountain lodge, swimming pool, pavilion with corridor, fishingplace, barbecue field, Jinlun temple, place for folk custom shows, pleasure ground, and the 800m long sightseeing railcar from the ticket box to the cave entrance, etc.

Conditions for Project Construction
The scenic spot is 90 km away from Nanning and 20 km away from the county seat. The National Highway No.210 passes by the scenic spot. It is the only way for Dahua, Du An and Jinchengjiang by which to go to Nanning and the traffic conditions are very favorable.

Market Analysis
Mashan Jinlun Cave, a world first-class water eroded cave, one of the top ten famous caves in the world---is located to the north of the capital city of Nanning. It has gained its wide recognition by the  tourists for its quietness in the cave, beautiful stones, alarming danger, being exciting with beautiful and interesting stories. Ever since it was open to the public on January 1,2000, it has received a total of 280 thousand person-times of tourists both at home and from abroad. The number of tourists of 280 thousand person-times of tourists both at home and from abroad. The number of tourists to the cave is on the increase year by year.

Progress of Project Preparation
The project feasibility study has been completed. The project master plan, detailed plan and individual designs have been completed and have passed the approval check by concerned experts. Water and power supply as well as road to the site are available.

Contact Unit: Mashan Tourism Bureau
Contact person: Zhang Xiaodong
Tel: 0771-6825919

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