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  Pingshan Green Water River Ecoligical Scenic Spot in Long An County

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 Name of Project
Pingshan Green Water River Econligical Scenic Spot Long An County

Location of Project
Green Water River Scenic Spot in Tunhen Tea, Pingshan Village, Long
An County

Total  Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
The total project investment is 108.477 million yuan, either by sole investment or joint venture.

Project Scale and Scope
The project is expected to be able to receive a total of 300 thousand person-times a year. The project includes the construction of the Holiday Recreational Zone of the Immortal Trace Cave, the Green Water River Drifting Zone, and the Commercial Service Zone, etc.

Conditions for Project Construction
There is a secondary road passing the scenic spot. It is only 100km from Nanning. Therefore traffic conditions are favorable. Communications facilities within the scenic spot are available. Wire telephone and mobile phone have reached everywhere in the area. There is rich resource of supply water. The Green Water River runs through the scenic spot all the year round with ample water. Power supply facilities are ready for use and easy to manage.

Market Analysis
Pingshan Scenic Spot is made even more attractive with its outstanding comparative advantages and the prominently featured tourism resources and the fact that it is adjacent to the Longhushan Scenic Spot. It is estimated that the Pingshan Scenic Spot can receive as many as over 300 thousand person-times a year after completion of the project.

Progress of Project Preparation
The Project Feasibility Study has been completed.

Preferential Policies for the Project
(1) Preferential Policy for Land Acquisition
1) The period for Land use and Concerned Regulations: The period for land user for tourism and recreation is 50 years, within which the use right can be leased out, mortgaged, inherited or used as shares in joint venture or cooperation. The term can be extended upon approval.
2) Preferential Price is offered to those who complete their investment in the fixed asset within 1 to 2 years according to the amount of investment. That is: for the total investment of less than five million yuan( RMB, hereinafter referring to the same currency), the land price is 38000 yuan per mu. For the total investment of more than five million yuan but less than 10 million yuan, the price is 20000 yuan per mu. For the total investment of over 10 million yuan but less than 20 million yuan, the  price is 15000 yuan per mu. For the total investment of more than 20 million yuan but less than 30 million yuan, the  price is 10000 yuan per mu.  For the total investment of more than 30 million yuan, the government will transfer a piece of land for construction free of charge.
(2) Preferential Policies Concerning Taxes and Fees
Foreign investors who make investment in our county will enjoy relevant preferential policies stipulated by the state and the province concerning taxes and revenues for the Western Development Program. Enterprises engaged in the development of tourism resources will be subject to a tax rate of 15% for the taxation of enterprise income.
(3) Other Preferential Measures:
1) The people's government of the county will provide an "All-through"service and simplify the procedures of formalities.
2) The financial department will ensure the tiely and smooth transaction of the investors' fund.
3) The government will set up a complain center for foreign investors to handle the complaints by the investors and to protect their legal rights and interests.
4)  The family dependants of the foreign investors enjoy the same treatment as that enjoyed by the local people regarding the pre-schooling and schooling of their children.
5) For other matters not yet listed in these regulations, more preferential treatment will be provided to the foreign investors according to the actual situations.

Contact Unit: The People's government of Pingshan Village, Long An county
Contact person: Huang GuoHui/Chen Jianxiong
Fax: 0771-6650074


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