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  Jiulong Waterfall Forest Park in Hengxian County

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Name of Project
Jiulong Waterfall Forest Park in Hengxian County

Location of Project
Zhenlong Down Forestry Center of Hengxian County

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
The total project investment is 36.235 million yuan to be introduced for joint venture by one or more investors in the form of stock company, with corresponding number of shares held by each investor according to the amount of his investment.

Project Scale and Scope
Five functional zones are planned for the project: 1.Reception Service Zone, 2. Waterfall Scenic Spot, 3. Forest Amusement Zone, 4.Forest Tourist Leisure Zone, 5. Plant View Zone.

Market Analysis
With the improvement in the people's living standard, leisure travel, sightseeing and holiday making have been the main consumption means for the public. There is no such good tourism environment as this one in the counties surrounding Hengxian County. Therefore there is a bright market prospect for the project.

Progress of Project preparation
The project feasibility study has been completed.

Preferential Policies for the Project
The investors will enjoy a series of preferential policies of the state, the autonomous region, the municipal government of Nanning City for the National Western Development Program as well as some preferential policies of Hengxian County regarding the attraction of foreign investment.

Contact Unit: Hengxian Zhenlong Forestry Center
Contact person: Li Jian
Tel: 0771-7132099


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