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  Shopping in Guilin

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 Shopping in Guilin

Shopping Instruction:
   Guilin Three-flower wine (20 yuan per bottle porcelain bottle, 45 yuan--specially brewed), Formented Bean curd-3.5 yuan per bottle, Pepper Sauce-3.5 yuan per bottle, Persimmon-8 yuan per kilo, Tar-6 yuan per kilo, ginkgo-30 yuan per kilo.
Guilin Landscape Painting:
   Guilin Landscape Painting depicts the beautiful Li River and the elegantly shaped hills, in the history many famous painters left many fine and everlasting works; in the modern times the artists also get their inspirations from the scenery, the representative painters are Bai Xiao Jun and Li Shi Bing, their paintings reflect the spirit of the Li River.

Guilin Artistic Pottery and Porcelain:
   Thanks to the fine clay, Guilin Produces nice art pottery and porcelain in every dynasty, the goatshaped tea pot, pipa tea pot, elephant hill tea pot and landscape tea pot are the masterpieces.

Guilin Three-flower Wine:
   Guilin Three-flower Wine has a history of 300 years, it's steadmed for three times, and the three layers of bubbles just like flowers, hence the name, it's the representatire rice wine in China.

Guilin Fermented Bean Curd:
Guilin Fermented Bean Curd has enjoyed the geat reputation for a long history, it's a good assistant material for cooking Guilin well-know dog meatand sliced pork.

Guilin Pepper Sauce:
Guilin Pepper Sauce is one of the Guilin Three Treasures, its production history is over 300 years, its main material is local peppers, Soya been and garlic, it has become an  essential seasoning for many pelple.

Guilin Sha Tian Pomelo:
Guilin Sha Tian Pomelo, is characterized by its honey taste, sufficient juice and abundant nutrition.

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