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  Qingping Tourism Zone for Holiday Tour in Binyang County

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Name of Project
Qingping Tourism  Zone for Holiday Tour in Binyang County

Location of Project
Xinqiao Town , Binyang County

Total Investment and pattern of Cooperation
The total investment is 132.895 million yuan, of which 38 million yuan is expected to be introduced through the attraction of investment. The pattern of cooperation is joint venture or sole investment.

Project Scale and Scope
The total area of the project is 25.8km2. of  which water area accounts for 7.25 km2 and land area for 18.357km2. The area outside the reservoir zone is mainly for construction of service facilities such as commercial area and hotels, etc. the area within the reservoir zone is for the construction of recreational facilities on the water and the natural scenic spots.

Condition for Project Construction
The project is only 3km away from the county seat of Binyang and 78km from Nanning. The Nanning-Binyang Highway runs just by the foot of the reservoir. The traffic condition is favorable. With a total area of 73km as rain catchment and a total storage capacity of 9710m2, with clear water without any pollution and hills covered with green trees, the Zone is now ready for development construction.

Market Analysis
Official from the Secretariat of the United Nations have made a detailed inspection on Qingping Reservoir and concluded that the reservoir is valuable for both agricultural development and tourism development. While Binyang is in lack of tourist attractions at the moment, it is imperative under the situation to develop Qingping Reservoir into a tourist attraction. It is estimated that upon completion of the project, it can receive a total of over 500 thousand person-times per year.

Contact Unit: Binyang General Material Company
Contact Person: Qin Guozhao
Tel: 0771-8235583


* Very glad to hear this newsTran Phuong Mai at 2007-12-18 16:33:11
    Qing Ping Shui Ku is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. In my eyes, the beauty of that place is so charming, so natural. Anyone who has been in small boat, sailing arround the lake and looked the peach blossoms in the spring, can never forget it.
I think of the tour including some activities as sailing arround the reservoir, enjoying the spring flowers, tasting some delicious foods and specially joining in the Festival on the 11th of Jan.
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