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  "A Tour to Zhuang Villages" in Wuming County

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Name of Project
"A Tour to Zhuang Villages" in Wuming County

Location of Project
Yiling Cave and Xijiangyuan Scenic Spots of wuming County

Total Investment and Pattern of Cooperation
The total estimated investment for the projects is RMB 200 Million. Joint venture and/or cooperative management is preferred. The inviting party will invest with fixed assets and provide land tenure, while the investor(s) will make investment mainly with cash.

Project Scope
"A Tour to Zhuang Villages" will materially embody the tourism characteristics of the Zhuang Provincialism in Nanning. "A Tour to Zhuang Villages" is the most featured tourism product in Nanning and Guangxi, also the unique tourism product with exoticism in China. Through the extensive regional space and social, economic and  cultural aspects, the project is a concentrated exhibition of the Zhuang culture, history and local conditions traveling destination and the image logo of "A Tour to Zhuang Villages" and , furthermore, to make " A Tour to Zhuang Villages" the blockbuster tourism product of Nanning. The proposed project includes such items as Rebuilding and Construction of Supporting Facilities for Yiling Cave Scenic Spot, Miluojia Amusement Center, Zhuang Villages for Tourists and Sightseeing in Yiling Cave Scenic Spot, Chunxia Park, Mingxiu Park, Qiuxia Park and Lingshui Leisure Holiday Tour Village in Xijiangyuan Scenic Spot.

Project Background
Wuming County, subordinate to Nanning City, is one of the cradlelands of the Zhuang culture. The county seat of Wuming County is only 37 km away from Nanning City. The Zhuang people account for 80% of the total population in Wuming County. The Zhuang culture is rich in folktales and decorated by various colorful festivals. The tourism resources in Wuming county are mainly concentrated in Yiling Cave and Xijiangyuan Scenic Spots where there are not only unique Karst water-eroded cave scenery but also classical garden landscapes. And, these scenery and landscapes are always accompanied by attractive fairy tales and legends. The rich tourism resources have, therefore, laid a solid foundation for developing the tourism project "A Tour to Zhuang Villages" This Project has been listed by concerned authorities as one of the top 10 elaborately planned tourism projects in Guangxi, given priority for development. In Nanning, this Project is regarded as a competitive tourism product and has been included in the Tenth Five-year Plan for the Tourism Industry and in the Near-dated Tourism Development Plan for implementation.

Progress of Project Preparation
The planning for " A Tour to Zhuang Villages", together with the tourism development study on the Zhuang culture, tourism project scheming, planning and design of the tourism area, etc., has been finished. In the meantime, the government of Wuming County has arranged the concerned institutions and units to rectify and improve the tourism environment in key scenic spots of Wuming County by implementing the responsibility system.

Contact Unit: Ordinance & Planning Division Nanning Tourism Bureau
Address: No 1, Jiabin Road, Nanning, Guangxi
Postal Code: 530028
Fax: 0771-5530492
E-mail: nntb@public.nn.gx.cn
Website: http://www.nn-tourism.gov.cn


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