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  1. Project Name: Development of Guangxi Taiping Shishan Mountain National Forest Park

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1. Project Name: Development of Guangxi Taiping Shishan Mountain National Forest Park
2. Project Owner: Tenxian tourism Bureau, Wuzhou City
3. Project Location: Taiping Town, Tengxian County, Wuzhou City
4. Project Contents and Scale: The planned area of the project is 55.5 square kilometers. The main contents include tourist items such as Shishan Mountain ten Danxia scenes, Danxia Landform Museum, Shishan Mountain Buddhist Culture Center, Lotus Mountain Forest Park, Qixing Mountain ecological valley, Shishan Hotel and Taiping tourism shopping street; infrastructure such as roads water supply and power supply facilities in the resort and greening engineering.
5. Total Investment: US$ 13.5 million
6. Construction Conditions: Taiping Shishan Mountain Forest Park has abundant forest ecological tourist resources and mountains in the park are tall, grand and majestic with lofty and steep peaks and luxuriant vegetation. With the contrast of graceful waters, you can watch sunrise in the morning and view the settling sun at dark. Danxia landform in the park is true to nature and of high appreciation value and rarely large scale. Taiping Shishan Mountain is the birth place of dignitary Qi Song of Northern Song Dynasty and has a long history of Buddhism, and thus becomes a well-known Buddhist holy site and a famous mountain with profound religious historic culture. The park is on the way of No. 321 National Highway and is 92 km away from Wuzhou City, 285 km from Nanning, 242 km from Guilin, 230 km from Liuzhou, 260 km from Zhaoqing and 358 km from Guangzhou. It is accessible to all surround cities with high grade highways. Infrastructure such as roads, water and power supply and communication have been constructed in the park and therefore the project enjoys excellent development conditions.
7. Market Prospect: Wuzhou City, in which Shishan Mountain Forest Park is located, is the east gate of Guangxi, neighboring Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau and guarding the joint of three rivers and the throat of Guangdong and Guangxi, and is also the land way to Guangxi for visitors and businessmen from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. The park advantageously lies on the golden tourism line from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau to Guilin and in the jouncture of two largest visitor distributing centers of Guangxi (Guilin and Nanning) and golden tourism market of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Taping Shishan Mountain is an important scenic spot of Eastern Guangxi religious historic culture tourism and has abundant forest ecological tourist resources and a long history of religious culture, and also integrates landscape characteristics of "majesty, strangeness, dangerousness, elegance, quietness and wildness" together. Its tourism resources are of high grade and with prominent features. The park is one of the promise to become a forest ecological holiday-spending resort and religious holy land oriented to the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan if complemented with surround tourist products. Therefore it enjoys high market potential. 740,000 visitors in times are expected each year after the completion of the project.
8. Anticipated Economic Benefit: Internal rate of return of finance: 13.7%; investment recovery period: 8.2 years.
9. Cooperation Mode: Joint investment, contractual joint venture or sole proprietorship
10. Preliminary Work: Master planning and feasibility study of the project have been finished
11. Contact: Ru Ennan

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