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  Development of Fangchenggang City Jiangshan Peninsula Dapingpo Coastal Sporting and Diverting Center

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1. Project Name: Development of Fangchenggang City Jiangshan Peninsula Dapingpo Coastal Sporting and Diverting Center
2. Project Owner: Administrative Committee of Jiangshan Peninsula tourism and Holiday Resort, Fangchenggang City
3. Project Location: Jiangshan Peninsula Tourism and Holiday Resort, Fangchenggang City
4. Project Contents and Scale: the planned area of the project is 989.8 square kilometers. The main contents include national automotive cross-country training and racing base, national beach volleyball training and match base; beach sports, marine sporting items; coastal diversion and holiday-spending items such as coastal landscape belt, coastal diversion bars, sea-flavor square, sand sculpture square, bathing beach, sea health-care centers, holiday hotels and shopping gallery; sight-seeing and experiencing items such as migrants base, forest travel and fishing experiencing; infrastructure such as coastal wood plank way and fresh water supply; and sewage treatment, tourism safety and greening engineering.
5. Total Investment: US$ 11.8 million
6. Construction Conditions: Dapingpo Beach is 2.8 km wide and 5.5 km long, a rarely seen scale in China, and thus called the Largest Beach in China. The beach is grand and spectacular  and can holds tens of thousand people art the same time. The area has beautiful costal scenes, excellent ecological environment and agreeable climate and is ideal place for coastal sports, holiday-spending and coastal sight-seeing. Dapingpo is 14 km away from Fangchenggang City and 10 km from the coastal class-1 highway, and can integrate into traffic network of Guangxi and even Southwest region via Fangchenggang City and the costal first class highway. The resort has complete infrastructure of roads, communication, power supply and water supply and relatively complete tourism administrative agencies. The basic conditions for the development of the project are excellent.
7. Market Prospect: Dapingpo has vast and flat beach rarely seen in the country and enjoys advantaged resources and location advantage in developing costal sports and diversion compared with other beaches in the country, and thus has the condition to be built into an international costal sporting and diverting base around Beibu Bay. Fangchenggang City in which Dapingpo is located is the largest visitor distributing center of transnational tourism on the boundary between China and Viet Nam and is also one of the 19 terminal ports in the country, therefore enjoys convenient and swift marine and land traffic. It reaches Nanning via Nan-Fang(Naning-Fangchenggang) Expressway and gets to Dongxing City, the largest entry and exit port in the west of China, through coastal highway, and to Mong Cai, Ha Long Bay, Hai Phong and the capital Ha Noi all the way. Jiangshan Peninsula is located at the starting point of marine way of China-Viet Nam transnational tourism and is also a must way on the land way, and can farthest share mass visitor flow of China-Viet Nam transnational tourism. Therefore, it enjoys an advantaged location and high market potential. 750,000 visitors in times yearly are expected after completion of the project.
8. Anticipated Economic Benefit: Internal rate of return of finance: 13%; investment recovery period: 5 years.
9. Cooperation Mode: Joint investment, contractual joint venture or sole proprietorship
10. Preliminary Work: Master planning and feasibility study report have been finished.
11. Contact: Feng Yangchong, Liang Fachao, Liang Dong


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