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  Development of Rongxin Duqioa Mountain Religious Culture Tourism Area

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1. Project Name: Development of Rongxin Duqioa Mountain Religious Culture Tourism Area
2. Project Owner: Rongxian Tourism Bureau
3. Project Location: Duqiao Mountain Scenic Area, Rongxian County
4. Project Contents and Scale: The planned are of the project is 37.5 square kilometers. The main contents include rehabilitating nine Buddhist temples and thirteen Taoist Temples. Building the largest Taoist temple and the largest statue of Laozi in China, developing baihedong Tourism and holiday Area and building Lingjing Temple stair temple and tourist facilities and supporting facilities such as pavilions, colonnades and sight-seeing paths in the scenic spot.
5. Total Investment: US$ 75 million
6. Construction Conditions: Duqiao Mountain is the twentieth Grotto-Heaven of the 36 Taoist Grotto-Heavens and was a prosperous place of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism during Tang and Song dynasties. It then paralleled with the Five Famous Mountains (namely Mt. Tai, Mt. Huashan, Hengshan Mountain(Shanxi, North), Song Mountain and Hengshan Mountain (Hunan, South), had nine Buddhist temples and thirteen Taoist temples during its heyday and was the only combined holy land for Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism then. Duqiao Mountain is the first provincial level scenic spots of Guangxi and is of typical Danxia landform featuring quiet mountains dingles, strange stones and limpid deep ponds as well as distinctive natural landscape, and is a famous mountain integrating rich religious culture and beautiful natural scenes together. At present, Qingshouyan scenic spot has been created. The gold character (Fo, Buddhism) on the stonewall of Qingshouyan is 108 meters high and 88 meters wide, which can definitely be called a first in the world. Five hundred statues of arhats placed in five natural caverns are natural and distinctive and becomes a unique in Lingnan region. There are still Qingshouyan Temple, Tianxi Temple, Suopoyan Site, Underground River drifting, Monkey-watching corridor, botanical garden and Nanshan Pavilion a performance place for imitating Tang dances. Duqiao Mountain is located in the south of Rongxian and is about 10 km to the county seat of Rongxian, enjoying very convenient traffic. In the scenic spot has been built sight-seeing paths, mountain lift, and water supply and power supply facilities. Therefore, infrastructure conditions to develop the project have been available.
7. Market Prospect: Rongxian is located in the southeast of Guangxi and neighbors the west of Guangdong, is a traffic pivot of major highways from Southwest Region to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. It has beautiful and graceful mountains and rivers and profound cultural content, and is therefore praised the largest area of returned overseas Chinese, and the birth of heroes brings glory to the place. It enjoys rich tourist resources and a stable and mass visitors market, and has been a famous scenic spot since ancient times. It is a famous county in tourism in Guangxi and equipped with Sanming: Resort, a state AAAA grade tourism scenic spot. Duqiao Mountain is the indicative scenic spot of Sanming Resort and Eastern Guangxi Religious and Historic Cultural Resort, one of the eight resorts of Guangxi. It has a long history and various scenic spots and historical sites and possesses the conditions to be built into the largest religious resort integrating Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism in South China region. And it will be of high market potential. It is predicted that t will receive 1.3 million tourists in times yearly after finishing the project.
8. Anticipated Economic Benefit: Internal rate of return of finance: 15.8%; investment recovery period: 5.6 years.
9. Cooperation Mode: Joint investment or contractual joint venture
10. Preliminary Work: Master planning is undergoing
11. Contact: Gan Wensheng

Tel:0775 --5322980

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