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  Development of Guangxi Darong Mountain National Forest Park

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1. Project Name: Development of Guangxi Darong Mountain National Forest Park
2. Project Owner: Darong Mountain Forestry Center, Yulin City
3. Project Location: Darong Mountain Forestry Center, Minge Town, Beiliu City
4. Project Contents and Scale: The total planned area of the project is 65 square kilometers. The main project contents include mountain sporting items of mountain grass-skiing field, mountain turf, mountain camping, mountain golf, field travel, field survival base, etc; forest travel items of natural bathing place, natural swimming, Rongshan Mountain scenic spots, adventure to Jiupu Valley, Source tracing of Nanliujiang River and field exploration; tourist reception service facilities such as star-grade hotels, holiday villas, Lotus Villa, family hotels, youth hotels, multifunctional auditoriums; healthcare items such as forest body-building center, Chinese herbal medicated bathing and medicated food centers vegetation beauty parlors and shops; infrastructure such as roads and touring paths; and safe guarding as well as greening engineering.
5. Total Investment: US$ 10.6 million
6. Construction Conditions: the highest peak of Darong Mountain with the altitude of 1276m is the highest mountain in Southeast of Guangxi. Mountains in the forest park are grand and spectacular, dozens of which are over 1100m above the sea level. The park has luxuriant forests and various types of plants as well as distinctive seasonal landscapes. On the top of the mountains are large area of alpine meadows and strange stones of various shapes; graceful waterfalls and limpid springs and mountain lakescape enhance each other, miraculous and elegant with God-bestowed charms. The park also enjoys super excellent natural ecological environment and agreeable mountain climate. The park is located in the north of Beiliu City and is 23 km to Beiliu City and 41 km to Yulin City. Beiliu City and the Park are connected by a 9 km third-grand highway and 14 km fourth-grade asphalt road. Scenic spots in the park are also connected by roads. There are two 300m head-tanks and 9 small-sized hydropower stations in the park. Infrastructure for tourism is complete and perfect.
7. Market Prospect: Darong Mountain Forest Park is located in economically developed Yilin City in Guangxi, which has wonderful socioeconomic development condition, profound Guangdong-Guangxi cultural contain and excellent macro-environment for tourist development. With its profound and unique advantages in tourist resources, it is an ideal place for sight-seeing,, ecological diversion, health-care and holiday-spending. It also enjoys distinctive advantages in religious and historic cultural tourism in eastern Guangxi, and therefore is qualified to be built into a scenic spot in the southeast of Guangxi for summering, holiday-spending and ecological tourism oriented to developed regions of southeast coasts and Hong Kong, Macau as well Taiwan. And it will have a bright prospect. It is predicted that the project will receive 800,000 tourists in times annually after finishing.
8. Anticipated Economic Benefit: Annual revenue: US$ 4.227 million; investment recovery period: 5 years.
9. Cooperation Mode: Joint investment, contractual joint venture or sole proprietorship
10. Preliminary Work: master planning and feasibility study report have been finished.
11. Contact: Li Rufu

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