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  Development of Qinzhou Sanning Bay Tourism Area

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1. Project Name: Development of Qinzhou Sanning Bay Tourism Area
2. Project Owner: Qinzhou Sanniang Bay Travel Service Co.,Ltd
3. Project Location: Xiniujiao Town, Qinnan District, Qinzhou
4. Project Contents and Scale: The scenic area is planned with an area of 11.5 km and covers Chinese white dolphin sightseeing item, cobble-bottomed seawater bathing place only in China, ocean park, Sanniang Bay Hotel, Weide Temple, supporting tourist service facilities and construction of infrastructure.
5. Total Investment: US$ 59 million
6. Construction Conditions: Sanniang Bay Tourism Area boasts primitive an natural bay, charming coastline, huge reef and rock of varieties, pure fishing village, alluring table, profound culture, pretty sceneries and abundant tourism resources and is the shooting base of the renowned film Haixia. Sanniang Bay holds up to one thousand Chinese white dolphins with features of steady activity territory, rich color and close contact with human. The harmony between dolphin and human has made Sanniang Bay win the name of the Hometown of Chinese White Dolphin and the monopolized tourism resource makes it really an attraction. The tourism area has been opened to the public since the National Day of 2003 and attracted 632,000 tourists in times in 2004. it has become a new highlight of tourism of Guangxi and a noted brand of Tourism of Beibu Bay and meets sound development tendency. The area is 40 km away from Qinzhou City, 20 km to Qinzhou Harbor and 100 km or less to Beihai, Fangchenggang and Nanning and shares convenient seaway and land-way transportation with the ring line of internal passage. Also, conditions of infrastructure on power supply, water supply and drainage, television and communication are sound enough for development.
7. Market Prospect: Sanniang Bay Tourism Area is located in the center of Ring Beibu Bay Seashore Transnational Tourism Area, which is the eight tourism areas of Guangxi, and is the seashore tourism area closest to Southwest China. The area is the habitat of Chinese white dolphins that combines with ecological coastline, pure fishing village appeal. With such high-quality seashore resources, it is qualified to be constructed into a regional seashore resort area that takes Chinese white dolphin as the brand and faces to Southwest China and Southeast Asia. After more than two years of development, it has built its influential brand and become a prominent scenic area of seashore tourism in Guangxi. With broad actual tourist market and huge potential market, 2 million tourists in times yearly are expected after the complete of the project.
8. Anticipated Economic Benefit: Internal rate of return of finance: 14.52 %; investment recovery period: 5.6 years.
9. Cooperation Mode: Joint venture, contractual joint venture or sole proprietorship
10. Preliminary Work: Master planning, detailed planning and feasibility study report have been finished
11. Contact: Su Yun

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