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  Baise Dashiwei Karst Tiankeng (Doline) Group Geological Museum

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1. Project Name: Baise Dashiwei Karst Tiankeng (Doline) Group Geological Museum
2. Project Owner: Baise Dashiwei Karst Tiankeng Group Travel Service CO., Ltd.
3. Project Location: Dahiwei Karst Tiankeng Group Scenic Area, Tongle Town, Leye County, Baise.
4. Project Contents and Scale: The geological museum that gathers karst Tiankengs and dolines of the world adopts techniques of acoustics, optics, electricity, multimedia and virtual reality to display the shaping, layout, development forecast of karst Tiankeng ordoline and their different types and research results in the world. Items such as Karst Tiankeng Introduction Hall, showroom, models, large exhibition hall and 3D cinema are to be constructed.
5. Total Investment: US$ 2.415 million
6. Construction Conditions: Dashiwei of Leye is typical of king-size and sinking-type karst Tiankeng in the world and boasts karst Tiankeng of different stages such as birth, development and grownup. There are 28 karst Tiankeng including 2 king-size, 7 large-size and 19 medium and small-size. Dshiwei karst Tiankeng ranks top in the area of bottom forest area and second in depth, third in volume and top in comprehensive tourism value in the world and its cliff in west is one of the highest ones in the world. It is renowned as the Capital of Karst Tiankeng in the World, the Museum of karst Tiankeng of the World and the No.1 Karst Tiankeng Group in the World and enjoys the monopoly of the tourism resource to some extent. Dashiwe Karst Tiankeng Group is 15km away from the county town of Leye and 175 km from Baise City. The drive of 160 km from Nose to Leye is the class-2 highway and that of 15 km from Leye to Dashiwei is the class-3 highway. Facilities such as mobile telephone, program control telephone and water and power supply are available and various infrastructure establishments and service facilities are complete baisically.
7. Market Prospect: Dashiwei Karst Tiankeng Group, biggest in the world, integrates geological forms of doline, karst, hole, well and boasts high value for scientific exploration and research. It is a national geological park and another world-class tourism brand following Guilin Mountains and Waters and expects high value for development. The museum to be constructed boasts the advantage of karst Tiankeng Groups of Dashiwei and monopoly of the industry, capable to attract tourists of the country and the world for sightseeing and exploration. With such a huge market potential, 0.45 million tourists in times are expected yearly after the completion of the project.
8. Anticipated Economic Benefit: Internal rate of return of finance: 13.5%; investment recovery period: 6.3 years.
9. Cooperation Mode: Joint venture, contractual joint venture or sole proprietorship
10. Preliminary World: Master planning, feasibility study report and environment impact statements have been finished
11. Contact: Liu Chengxiang


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