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  Development of Xiangzhou Hot Spring Tourism Area

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1. Project Name: Development of Xiangzhou Hot Spring Tourism Area
2. Project Owner: Xiangzhou Tourism Bureau
3. Project Location: Sicun Town, Xiangzhou County
4. Project Contents and Scale: Xiangzhou Hot Spring Tourism Area is planned with an area of 3.6 km and covers healthcare facilities such as hot spring a pool, Yude Hall, outdoor bathing place, sand treatment field and hot spring fitting hall; tour establishments such as hot spring landscape garden, tropical fish hall and plant labyrinth; holiday service facilities such as Yuantou Guesthouse, Puyuan Guesthouse, meeting center and holiday villa; infrastructure such as roadway and footpath and ecological landscaping engineering.
5. Total Investment: US$ 7.48 million
6. Construction Conditions: Hot springs of Xiangzhou are generated by deep cycle inside the lithosphere and enjoys sound natural closing condition, with water temperature of  73 C 77 C or even up to 85 C and the steady flow of 235 ton per hour. The water is clear, colorless, free of pollution, high-quality and conforms to the nationally designated standard for drinking mineral water, boasting integrated functions of drinking and medical treatment and the title of the No.1 Spring in South China and expecting high value for development. As certified by experts of the Ministry of Light Industry, Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences, the spring water contains 24 trace elements and arthritis. The area is surrounded by hills, ancient villages of Zhuang Nationality and dreamy mist and is an ideal place for healthcare and vacationing. It is 8 km away from the county town of Xiangzhou, 73 km from Liuzhou City and accessible to National Highway 209 and Provincial highway 20134, enjoying convenient transportation. The cable system from the county town to the tourism area is available as well as the transformer substation of 350KV and cable television. Water supply and drainage, parking field and storage lagoon have been developed to some scale. The basic condition is sound enough for development.
7. Market Prospect: Xiangzhou Hot Spring is located in the juncture of Guilin Mountains and Waters Tourism Area and Dayao Mountain Ecological and Folk Culture Tourism Area and boasts tourism resources feature and product function that can complement peripheral scenic areas. With the high-quality hot spring resource and charming natural environment, the area can be constructed into a high-quality resort place for healthcare and holiday in South China. It is close to Liuzhou, a key industrial city in China, and Guilin, a renowned international tourism city and enjoys the main tourism products that can meet the demand of citizens for healthcare and fitting. It has become one of the hot tour destination places in the middle part of Guangxi and expects huge market potential. With the upgrade of tourism facilities in scale and class, 0.5 million tourists in times are expected yearly after the completion of the project.
8. Anticipated Economic Benefit: Annual revenue: US$ 8.43 million; internal rate of return of finance: 12.7%; investment recovery period: 6.1 years
9. Cooperation Mode: Joint venture, contractual joint venture and sole proprietorship
10. Preliminary Work: Master planning, feasibility study report and environment impact statements have been finished.
11. Contact: Jin Yue


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