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  Development of Wuxuan Baiya Grand Gorge Scenic Area

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1. Project Name: Development of Wuxuan Baiya Grand Gorge Scenic Area
2. Project Owner: Wuxuan Tourism Bureau
3. Project Location: Dongxiang Town, Wuxuan County
4. Project Contents and Scale: The scenic area is planned with an area of 13.66 km and covers: tour and sightseeing items such as the Nature Museum, Ecological Culture Square, Taiping Forces Barracks, booth, pavilion and corridor, hanging bridge, slide rope; recreational items such as Baiya Lake, Sunshine Leisure Bathing Place, Exploration Club, Jungle Bathing Place and Rare Medicinal Plant Garden; service establishments such as Baiya Resort, Tourist Catering and Shopping Street, Camp Service Station and Tourist Service Center; infrastructure such as tour footpath, parking field and water and power supply as well as safety and ecological protection engineering.
5. Total Investment: US$ 25 million
6. Construction Conditions: Baiya Grand Gorge, a scenic area of the level of autonomous region, boasts deep gorge, quasi-Danxia landform, grand cliff, boundless virgin forest, sparkling stream, pond and waterfall, a long history of cultural landscape, primitive natural environment, charming forest microclimate, sound holiday spending conditions and landscape characteristics of grandness, uniqueness, steepness, beauty and serenity. The scenic area has been opened since 1995 and enjoyed some reputation, which lays a sound basis for future development. The attraction is 38 km away from Wuxuan County town, 86 km to Liuzhou Airport and 70 km to  Gui-Hai(Guilin-Beihai) Expressway, enjoying convenient transportation. Construction conditions of projects like water and power supply and passage is comparatively sound.
7. Market Prospect: The scenic are shares sound ecological environment, abundant unique tourism resources of sound combination and high taste and is by all means an ideal place for sightseeing, gorge experience, holiday spending, and return to nature. The area is located in the center of cities of Guilin, Liuzhou, Nanning and Yulin and receives the influence of Guilin a renowned international tourism city and the golden tour belt around Gui-Hai Expressway, capable to attract tourists in all sides for market development. The development and construction important scenic area in the top travel line in the middle of Guangxi for ethnic and folk attractions, it enjoys superior location and expects huge market potential. 0.55 million tourists in times are expected yearly after the completion of the project.
8. Anticipated Economic Benefit: Annual revenue: US$ 28 million: annual profit: US$ 8.6 million: internal rate of return of finance: 14.2%; investment recovery period: 7 years.
9. Cooperation Mode: Contractual joint venture or joint venture
10. Preliminary Work: Master planning, detailed planning and feasibility study report have been finished.
11. Contact: Liu Li

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