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  Development of Xincheng Ruler(Tusi) Mo's Government Office Gulture Tourism Area

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1. Project Name: Development of Xincheng Ruler(Tusi) Mo's Government Office Gulture Tourism Area
2. Project Owner: Xincheng Travel Service Corporation
3. Project Location: Chengguan Town, Xincheng County
4. Project Contents and Scale: The project is planned with an area of 74th and covers the refitting and recovery of old building group of government office and the site of Zhouan Old Battlefield; sightseeing and entertainment items such as water amusement, Cuipingshan Park, forest park recreational center; service establishments such as Tusi Culture Hotel, resort and shopping mall and parking field, historical block environment renovation and landscaping.
5. Total Investment: US$ 9.8 million
6. Construction Conditions: Ruler Mo's Government Office was constructed in 1583 in Ming Dynasty and had served as the government office of Ruler Mo for about five hundred years. As a national key cultural relic protection unit, it is composed of buildings like the government office, memorial temple, official mansion and residence and covers an are of 389,000 m with the floor area of 40,000 m, boasting one of the present biggest and best-preserved architecture of native ruler in China and even in Asia.All buildings have brick and wood structure and overflows with architectural appeal of Chinese palace and of minority of South China. They are grand, elegant and old, made with valuable timber in flush garble roof, petal ridge, column and tie construction and wood structure and rich in artistic feature of Zhuang Nationality, capable to serve as an important example for understanding Chinese native ruler system, culture of Zhuang Nationality and their architecture. Ruler Mo's Government Office lies in the county town of Xincheng and under the north foot of Cuipingshan Park and is 117 km away from Liuzhou City with convenient internal and external traffic. Infrastructure such as inside passage, power and water supply and communication establishment is consummate and the condition is mature for construction.
7. Market Prospect: Renowned as the Imperial Palace of Zhuang Nationality, Ruler Mo's Government Office enjoys the monopoly of tourism resource to some extent and places as an important part of the tourism culture of Liu Sanjiu. Located in the juncture of Liuzhou, Laibin and Nanning and promoted by Liuzhou, a key industrial city in China and Guilin, an renowned tourism area in Southwest China and become a new highlight of tourism of Guangxi. The project expects high value for development and huge market potential. After the completion of the project, 292,000 tourists in 2010 and 587,000 in times in 2015 will be expected.
8. Anticipated Economic Benefit: Annual revenue expects US$ 7.5 million; internal rate of return of finance, 14.5%; and investment recovery period, 7.8 year.
9. Cooperation Mode: Joint venture or contractual joint venture.
10. Preliminary Work: Master planning, feasibility study report and environment impact statements have been completed.
11. Contact: Mo Chunlin

Tel: 0772- 5511557

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