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  Development of Beihai Weizhou Island Tourism Area

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1. Project Title:Development of Beihai Weizhou Island Tourism Area
2. Project Owner: Administrative Committee of Weizhou Island Tourism Area, Beihai City
3. Project Location: Weizhou Town, Haicheng District, Beihai City
4. Project Contents and Scale: Beihai Weizhou Island Tourism Area is planned with an area of 26.88 km and covers sightseeing items such as Volcano Geological Park, Underwater Garden, Dishui Danping Park and Guiling Seashore Park; recreational items such as Yacht Club, Entertainment Center, Leisure Sports Center, Island Ecological Resort, Island Folk Garden, Seawater Bathing Place, Underwater sightseeing and sea sports item; infrastructure construction projects such as ring island highway expansion, scenic area roads and freshwater supply and ecological landscaping and drainage solution engineering.
5. Total Investment: US$ 75 million
6. Construction Conditions: Weizhou Island is located in the sea area of Beibu Bay and 21 sea miles to Beihai City and Silver Beach National Tourism Area. As a national geological park, tourism area of the level of autonomous region and biggest and youngest volcano island in China the area boasts the most typical volcano vent, most abundant volcanic landscapes and best-preserved multistage volcanic activity in China. There are so many green trees, amicable climate and charming spots that the island is called the Paradise on the Earth. Around the island the seawater is clean and clear and holds abundant coral reef resources, which are rare in China and even in the world. Also, there are charming beaches, special marine abrasion landscapes, abundant cultural landscapes and splendid and valuable marine products. With these, you will find no better place for sightseeing, tour, holiday spending. Beihai City has shaped its 3D traffic network, which contributes to convenient transportation of Weizhou Island. The island has had the ring island highway constructed preliminarily and power and water supply facilities established and avail itself of program control telephone and mobile message coverage. The infrastructural conditions are sound enough for development.
7. Market Prospect: Beihai City is the bridgehead of tourism of China ASEAN, important passageway of Southwest China to the sea and a renowned seashore tourism city of China and boasts the influential tourism brand of Silver Beach. Weizhou Island has abundant island tourism resources of different features, high taste and sound combination, supplementary with peripheral scenic areas in resource type, feature and product function. Therefore, the island is suitable to be constructed into an island international tourism resort area with most charm in the ring Beibu Bay area and South China, great attraction to tourists and huge market potential. After the completion of the project, 1.85 million domestic tourists and 31,000 foreign tourists in times are expected in 2010 and 2.67 million domestic tourists and 87,500 foreign tourists in times in 2015.
8. Anticipated Economic Benefit: Internal rate of return of finance:12.55%; investment recovery period:9.9 years.
9. Cooperation Mode: Joint venture, contractual joint venture or sole proprietorship
10. Preliminary Work: Master planning, feasibility study report and environment impact statements have been finished.
11. Contact: Li Yuanjun

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